What’s Your Evening Routine?

The evening routine something we all hear about and know we need but few actually make it happen. Here is the thing it can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. I get asked all the time what is your evening routine. Well, lady let’s break it down.

What’s your evening routine?: Get ready for bed

I know what you are thinking um hello I always get ready for bed! I mean how do you think I go to sleep every night?? Here is the thing we mentally have to get ready for bed to be able to go to sleep. So around 7 pm every night all the big lights get turned off. Only little lamps can be put on. Also, really really limit yourself to no use of phone, tv, or computer. I know I know you have a show you want to watch so watch it I’m not saying NEVER look at your phone, tv, or computer after 7 pm but pick two in a row where you read a book or just talk after 7 pm and see how much better you sleep because of it.


After the light goes down the hot water gets turned on and the tea starts steeping. If you are having some stomach issue or anxiety focus on teas that help with that. If you don’t have anything going on great just focus on some sleepy night time tea. Drink it slow and really enjoy it.


This one a ton of people will say um ya I don’t do yoga. Like I have wanted to do yoga but then I think if I tried a pose I’d get stuck in probably never make it out. Don’t make yoga hard. You are getting ready for bed no to go run a marathon. Light stretching works just fine. Don’t push your body further than it can go. Just breathe and relax.

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Brush your teeth

I know you are 29 years old and lady I have been brushing my teeth for years. I know but when we are sleepy brushing our teeth can get missed. So try this once you have eaten and drank you last drink of the night other than water go brush your teeth. Even if you aren’t going to bed for a little while go get it done.

Wash your face

This one is for sure the most missed thing because we are tired and had a long day. So after your brush, your teeth wash your face. That way everything is ready to go so when it is time to go to bed you can just hop into bed and go to sleep.

Do you have some really great bedtime routines? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

What's Your Evening Routine?

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