Ways to Spend Time Alone

When it comes to spending time alone it seems to be something we rarely do. We give ourselves a mile long list of things to do but spending time isn’t on there. So to help you get started I’d like to give you some ideas. These are things that can be scheduled once a week or once a month. Your time is super important but please remind your well being is worth all this as well. So put it on the calendar as often as you need.

Ways to Spend Time Alone: Read

This is one people that like to read already do. People that doesn’t care to read run for the hills away from books. Audiobook maybe a good option for you because books offer something online and youtube just can’t. So find something you are into or want to learn more about. Give yourself a night to sit on the couch and reading, listen, or both and see how it goes. Spending time alone to read clears your mind and gives you insight you have never heard before. Best part is you can add your favorite food and drink to it and it’s perfect.


Now when is the last time you actually took a hot bath? If you are anything like me it tends to never happen even if you would like it to. Normally if my husband is watching sports I’ll go take a book and relax in the tub. I throw some epsom salt with lavender essential oil in and relax. If you are feeling under the weather at all this is a great thing to do a few nights a week. It really pulls the toxins out and gets you back to feeling better.

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Of course you can go to a coffee shop and get something besides coffee but something about sitting in a coffee shop is hands down relaxing. You can bring your favorite book while you sip your drink or be on your laptop. Something about people sitting around just doing there own thing is super relaxing. Coffee shops are open early and late so you really can go there anytime to be alone and relax.

Book Store

If you can’t tell by my books are my thing I’m not sure we can be friends. Just kidding. There is something about going to Barnes and Noble picking up a book grabbing a coffee and just reading. Book stores are different then a library and way more relaxing. With this world always being in a hurry with this and that books stores just always seem slow and relaxing. I could truly get lost in a bookstore for a day.

So in closing ideas on spending time alone are: Read or listen to a book, take a hot bath, go to a coffee shop, and/or go to a book store. The amount of time you have will help you choose which one is best for you. I wish you a happy and relaxing alone time.

Do you have some idea on how you spend you alone time? Great! Join our community and get in on the conversion. We would love to have ya.

Ways to Spend Time Alone

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