Walk In Closet Organization Like A Pro

So your walk in closet is sooo full of clothes you can hardly even walk in it. You know you need some organization but the idea of tackling it makes you want to grab a cookie and binge walk this is us for the rest of the day instead. How about I help you with some simple ideas to tackle this walk in closet together so it’s not so overwhelming. Here is the best walk in closet organization around.

Walk In Closet Organization: Remove everything

As you are removing it ask yourself have you even worn this in the last year?? If not let it go. Make piles of your shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, leggings, work out clothes, etc. Now take a deep breath because you just did two huge steps! Great job

Decided where everything will go

Do you want one place just for your t-shirts? That way when you are feeling like wearing a t-shirt you can just go in that area and pick one. Figure out where you want each item and that will help make each pile you already have easier and easier to put away.

Put items back in sections

This will make it much easier and you can even put them back by color if that is easier for you to look at later. Getting organized isn’t always fun but it makes life easier later so that is what we are going for here. For your walk in closet organization, start at the top with hats. Divide them up by seasons this makes it easier to choose during the winter months so you don’t get thrown off by baseball caps. Sweatshirts are up next these you can do by color so you can easily make one go with your outfit. Then tank tops and t-shirts. Have your pants in different sections like jeans in one pile, yoga pants in another, and jeggings in another. Dresses and fancy tops are in their own sections so when needing to get dressed up just go there and see what jumps out at you to wear.  Follow these steps and your closest will be all organized and pretty in no time! Now go grab a cookie and throw on your favorite tv show. You deserve it!

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Have some closet organization tips of your own? Great! Please share them in the comments below.

Walk In Closet Organization

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