Top Holiday Gift Guide

Oh, the holidays with it bring a time of magic and extra busy. We for sure don’t need one more reason to be busy. So I made you a holiday gift guide that will make it easy to get those gifts for the items on your list. You will find the top 8 options and ideas on who you can give it to. Feel free to mark this article when you need another gift idea.

Top Holiday Gift Guide: Customized Coffee Mug

So when it comes to the coffee/tea lovers in your life how about a customized mug to go with your holiday gift guide. Grandma would love it so much. Grandpa might even wake up earlier then he already does just to use your mug. Dad, well he will just put water in it but since it’s customized to him he will totally use it anyways. Click here to check out the coffee mug. It’s so adorable;e right?!

Customized Cutting Board

Of course, this will work perfectly for the newly married couple in your life for your holiday gift guide. It would also work for an anniversary gift. The coolest couple to get it for is the one that just moved into a new house. You know they went broke just trying to pay for the place. Why not give them a cutting board that makes them smile from how loved they feel everytime they use it. This cutting board makes me want to just get one for our house it’s so cute! Click here to check it out.

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Customized Family Name Sign

Since customization is the way to go you have to check out a customized family name sign to go with your holiday gift guide. This was one of our favorite presents we got right after we got married and it still hangs in our laundry to this day. It is made so well and has so much meaning behind it. It will for sure be the centerpiece in any room it hangs in. Plus will totally be the talk of house everytime someone comes over. Click here to check out a really nice and simple one.

Customized Mistletoe

Now we all have at least one super passionate Christmas lover in our life. Do you have any idea how much a personalized mistletoe would mean with your holiday gift guide? It would be so fun to see there face light up as they open it. I know Christmasy items are hard to get on Christmas since it will be a whole year before you can use it again but this could be one they use on birthdays and valentines day. Since it’s not Christmas colors or anything you could totally make it work throughout the year. Click here to check it out.


This one you may be thinking everyone already has a blanket. That is true but do that have the biggest most comfortable blanket? Nope, they do not. Ok maybe some do but most people could use a big blanket to keep warm in the winter months. This was added to this holiday gift guide because it’s cute and your sister gets cold. Think about the one person you know who is always cold. Well, this blanket it for them. Click here to check it out.

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Glass Lamp

Of course, you have someone in your life who is redoing their house or getting something new. Why not give them an adorable glass lamp to go with any room in the house. First off its glass so what is not to love. Second, it’s one fewer thing off there list of things to do so they will love you even more of it. Click here to check it out.

Grandparents Sign

For the grandparents in your life how about a sign that has all their grandkids names below it. I mean what grandparent wouldn’t want this sign. It also gives there birthdates next to it for the time we just don’t remember or just to show much things have changed over the years. It’s so cool because you can totally add to it as time goes on. This had to be on the holiday gift guide because grandparents love to show off their grandkids. Click here to check it out.

Essential Oils Rack

Have a person in your life who is really into essential oils? This item on the holiday gift guide is for them. Since there are so many ones to choose from let’s talk about why some are better than others. I have one that was customized to me. It works for my 15mls bottles but not so well so all the roller balls I have. So having a floating essential oils rack would be perfect because you can have the racks be as far apart or close together was you want. They can all be in one place so you aren’t having to walk all over to get your oils. Click here to check it out.

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Sum it all up getting a customized coffee mug, customized cutting board, customized family name sign, customized mistletoe, blanket, glass lamp, grandparents sign, or essential oils rack from this holiday gift guide will be sure to make everyone smile on your list.

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Top Holiday Gift Guide

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