Things That Happen With Self Care

Self care is the act of doing something for yourself that fills your cup up. When thinking about self care the first thing we run into is time. Of course, we would LOVE to throw on a facemask and pamper ourselves for 20 minutes three times a week. The moment we put it on it seems everything in the house needs our attention. So the facemasks stop and the stress begins. Here is why you must at least once a week for some sort of self care.

Things That Happen With Self Care: Stress Relief

So when stress starts what is the first thing we should do? Stop and ask yourself what self care can I do today? Could be taking a long hot bath with a book you have yet to finish. Could be that face mask that has sat on your bathroom counter for months and have yet to be put to use. How about a hot cup of tea while getting caught up on your favorite show. Whatever it is at the moment that helps you to slow down and relax do it. Watch the stress just melt away. This goes for your mental health as well.

More Time

Now we all use this as to why we don’t get things done. What if you woke up an hour earlier just to work out for self care? What about getting ready for bed an hour earlier to do some night time yoga. How about while you are watching tv at night do a few push-ups during commercials or every 5 minutes. We are in charge of our schedule.  If we can not book time for ourselves what we are booking time for? To eat fast food and have dessert? You can do that but I can guarantee you that will not help you feel better. You are an awesome person and you deserve better.

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Get More Done

I find when I get up earlier even though I would rather not I am able to get more done before 10 am. On days I wake up late and rush around I’m lucky if I get half of my to-do list done all day. Stop chasing your tail and just get moving already. This makes it so you can do self care must more easily and not have to worry about time. It will help with reducing stress as well so you aren’t having to fly through things.

Quality Time With People You Love

Every time you do some sort of self care you also get more time with family. You loved yourself now you can go love other people. That will make the time you have together more exciting and memorable. Plus they will be so excited to be with ya that smile on there face will make you smile too. Which is self care for you all.

Helpful Products To Try

Right now I am reading 100 Days to Brave (affiliate link) by Annie F. Downs. She is an amazing writer and super fun to follow on Instagram. I normally open this book first thing in the morning with my coffee in hand. Super great way to start the day.

For a face mask, I’ve started doing this two to three times a week. I learned all I know from the organic bunny. She has a lady named Alex that works with her. Together that came up with a skincare routine just for me and they will do one just for you too! Amanda is a really great friend and I’m so excited what this face mask has done for my skin.

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Every so often I will take a hot Epsom salt (affiliate link) bath and read a book. This is so relaxing and totally gets me ready for bed. I find I sleep better the nights I do this.

I’ll keep adding to this as I find other things I do for self care.

So to get stress relief, more time back, get more done, quality time with people you love self care is where it’s at. These don’t all have to be done at the same time to work. Nor do they have to be done every week if you don’t want. To get the most out of it do them all as often as you can. You totally truly do deserve the best.

Do you have acts of self care that you find to be the best for you? Great! Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

Things That Happen With Self Care

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