Simple Halloween Costumes

Here it is that time of year and one more article telling you ideas of things you already know about. Or so you thought. Today I want to share with you simple Halloween costumes that won't break the bank or give you a headache. Simple Halloween Costumes: Bake First of all, you are thinking I ...

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5 Books You Should Be Reading Now

Have you ever walked into a Barnes & Noble and I thought "Man I really don't need a book today?" Ya me either. I think I could probably go visit a Barnes & Noble every day of my life and come out with some new book I just have to read. Since we aren't gonna start reading a book a day or ...

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Creative Halloween Costumes

With Halloween season coming we are all thinking about what costumes the kids or even ourselves should wear. Since it's more about the fun and candy let's promise us we won't get too caught up in the have to have a perfect expensive only gonna wear once costume. Just have it be fun and easy. Here ...

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