Stop Living a Comparable Life

When you first woke up this morning and think to yourself well I’m not 20 anymore. Those pains in your body kinda seem to have come from out of nowhere overnight. Like how can it be that I did something to my back from just sitting?! I mean they do say sitting it really bad for you to do but I mean come on! That is when living a comparable life sets in. From there you realize you have to eat a certain breakfast if you are going to stay in shape. So doughnuts are out! Comparison is for sure the thief of joy. What about comparing where you now to who you used to be? Is it always gonna be like this or can we switch it up? Here are the ways to stop a comparable life and enjoy exactly where you are.

Stop Living a Comparable Life: Fresh Air

Some people run and others like to take a nice long walk. Whatever way work best for you get outside and make it happen. It’s so hard to be comparable to who you used to be if you are working on being a really great version of yourself. So no we can’t skip the fresh air anymore. We get to choose to workout even when we would rather not. Think about the person that can’t go for a walk or run whenever they want. Use that as inspiration and go!


Now when you find yourself wishing you were still this or that try this trick. Turn on some of your favorite tunes and crank it up! Jump, dance, and swing. Let yourself know that this life right now is amazing. Music a fuel for your soul and you can choose to enjoy it. Use this trick also for when you need to get something done but can’t get yourself in the right head space to do so.

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Take a Break

Of course, the Kit-Kat song just popped in your head. If not it did now. We live in a world where busy and fast-paced means you are to of your game. That can be really hard when 10 years ago you used to get more done in an hour that sometimes you now get done in a day. The hack for that is giving yourself a break. Yes physically but also mentally. Sure you can’t do everything you used to do. There are things now you can do that your 20-year-old self only dreamed of.  So take another 5 to 10-minute walk, get some water, do a brain dump, sing a song, meditate, or take a cat nap. Yes, that is all allowed and you may even find that you get more done afterward.

Give Credit

So to stop living a comparable life you have to give credit for every you have done. Did you vacuum today? Great! Celebrate. Did you finally have the conversation with someone you have been pushing off? Good job. You wouldn’t have done at 5 years ago. Celebrate it. Whatever you have done and continue to do big or small celebrate it. Don’t let the moment pass you by.

I hope that getting out and getting fresh, listening to music, taking a break, and giving yourself some credit gets you out of living a comparable life. We are better then you were 5 years ago. Know that and keep pushing yourself because everything that has yet to come will be absolutely amazing!

Do you have ideas about what you can do to stop living a comparable life? Great! Please leave them in the comments below.

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Stop Living a Comparable Life

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