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Have you ever met someone that likes to stay organized? Then you think to yourself stay organized? I can’t even get organized lady! Ok, so I am the lady that has to stay organized all the time otherwise I feel like I’m trying to do life with two left arms. With that being said these are going to be my most helpfulĀ tips get you more organized and stay that way.

Stay Organized: Mind Set

So I’m starting to realize everything in life is about mindset. I mean we can’t walk around saying we want to be skinny but eat chocolate every chance we get. Well I mean you could but it wouldn’t help you get fit so there is that. Anyways when it comes to mindset with organization you have to tell yourself you got this. In your mind tell yourself you are the most organizedĀ person you know. Just like that, you are.


Now, this has to be starting to sound like you are back in middle school basketball practice. Seriously though if you have the right mindset but no determination to get it done it’s like trying to drive a car without gas. So letting figure out what will get you determined to get and stay organized. Do you have family coming into town that you need to get ready for them to stay with you? Will friends be coming over? Is your mind too cluttered? Do you just need to get it done and chocolate will get you though? Find what gets your going and let that pull you through.

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Without this step, we will fall off the bandwagon. Get your mindset right, let determination get you going, and then let a trusted friend know what you have going on and how they can help. Have it be a person that will give it to ya straight you want to get this done they will make sure it does.

Have some great tips to help everyone stay organized? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Stay Organized

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