How To Start Writing A Blog

O my gosh! Congrats on thinking about starting to write a blog. There is soo many options and ideas and endless things you can do to stick out and be awesome. It can be overwhelming at first but after reading this you will be ready to take that next step. So here is what I did and how to start writing a blog

How To Start Writing A Blog: What will you write about

This is the first question you must figure out. Of course, this can and does get overlooked. You could just get a blog and write about anything and everything but you have to figure out why would someone keep coming back to your blog and want to read or listen to the next thing you push out to them. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you are talking about neither will your readers. You could totally be a lifestyle blogger and talk about life stuff. You could be a fashion blogger and talk about all things fashion. You could be a coffee blogger and talk about all things coffee. You can blog about Jesus. In order to figure out how to start writing a blog you just have to know what you are writing about.

Who are you writing to

This one is tough. Because I mean hello we want to write to everyone. We want every post to go viral and everyone to be talking about it and tweeting about it and sharing it with their friends. But when you write you must write to someone. You could always just be writing to yourself. You could write to your mom, best friend, husband, or ideal client. If you write to everyone it won’t touch anyone’s heart because it’s too general. Once you start writing to a person it will connect with people. Like if I said you guys blogging is fun and you all will love it. You will think great but what about me. So instead of that say ok lady blogging is the bomb and you need to blog because we need to hear what you have to say. Which one did you connect more with?

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Who will you learn from

Ok so a couple years ago I started a blog all on my own with a little help but mostly all by myself. I would work in it everyday but mostly I would work on how the blog looks and not even have time to focus on posting anything. I mean you could do that and you might really make something will but finding someone that knows what they are doing and doing it well is sooo much easier. Plus finding a group of ladies that are right there learning with you is by far the best thing ever.

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How To Start Writing A Blog

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