Why Spring Cleaning is a Must Do

When it comes to spring cleaning most of us are less than thrilled with the idea. It’s just starting to get warm outside we certainly don’t want to be inside cleaning. While that list is growing in your head let’s break down easy ways to make it easier!

Why Spring Cleaning is a Must Do: Fresh Air

So the first thing we can do to help you with spring cleaning is open the doors and windows and let the fresh air in. This not only will make you feel amazing the house has all the winter air out! Something about fresh air helps us get to cleaning with a piece of mind. It can actually get you in the cleaning mood. Like you know the area under the sink that needs to be gone through? Take open that area, take everything out, and determine everything you no longer use, throw them out! Once you have the items you use ready to go back input them in order of what you use daily to what you use every so often. So, for example, the decor you have for the kitchen that is seasonal can go to the back of the cupboard. The dish soap that you use every night even though you have a dishwasher that goes in the front.

Essential Oils

Now whether you choose to use these for spring cleaning as your cleaning products or just to defuse in the air they both have great benefits. Choosing to defuse ones that adds a spring smell with automatically put you in a better mood.  They also have great properties in them that make cleaning with them easy and cleaning a breeze. You know like a spring breeze lol.

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Have Less Stuff

Of course, we all have too much stuff. Items in our closet that literally has not fit in years or things we got for Christmas we will never use. I’m going to ask you to grab that trash bag and just throw in everything you don’t use. Like everything. Not with the mindset of well I could use that someday. If someday has not been in the lasts 6 months you won’t need it in the next 6 months either. Yes, that sweatshirt is adorable and you totally rocked it 3 years ago. Let it go to someone who can put it to good use now. Tell me you aren’t already feeling airier already.

Make it a Family Event

Mark a date on your calendar in the next week or two with both you and your husband present. Each has a bag tackle a room together or tackle two separate rooms. No floor, room basement, vehicle, garage, or closet goes untouched. Now, this may seem overwhelming pick more than one date on the calendar to get together and tackle something. Have 5 dates if you need to. Order pizza and add the sparkling water to add to the fun. Whatever you need to do to get it done do it. Your house and your life depend on you having a spring cleaning.

So to make spring cleaning fun open the doors, turn on the essential oils, get rid of the extras (ALL OF THEM!!), and have your family be in on it. To really appreciate what we have we must go through it, organize it and see the progress we have made. Otherwise, we just have stuff everywhere for no reason and no one is enjoying it. Donate it to someone you know in need or give it to a local place that helps people out for free.

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Have some spring cleaning tips I didn’t mention here? Great! Join our community and get in on the conversation. We would LOVE to hear from ya.

Why Spring Cleaning is a Must Do

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