Simple Halloween Costumes

Here it is that time of year and one more article telling you ideas of things you already know about. Or so you thought. Today I want to share with you simple Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank or give you a headache.

Simple Halloween Costumes: Bake

First of all, you are thinking I thought we were talking about Halloween I don’t have time to bake anything!! I know here is the idea let your daughter out on her favorite comfortable outfit and put over it a cooking apron. Now make cookies from scratch and when she starts to get a little mess go with it. By the end of the baking session the messer, she is the cuter her costume will be. Hence how much of a fun memory that will be for you both.


Maybe you have a boy that has been so into race cars since he was old enough to move on his own that you want to find a fun way to make a costume for him without having to go buy an outfit he will only wear once. So since Halloween night, we end up wear costs to walk around with how about you let him dress in his favorite warm comfortable outfit. Put on his coat and carry around a couple of his favorite cars. He can even put a few in his pumpkin that his candy will go in if he wants more cars with him.


So maybe you have a more girly girl that dreams of wearing only princess stuff and will not settle for anything else. So since that is the case how able letting her go through her own closet and pick out her most favorite dress. Do her hair and makeup and maybe even give her some perfume or essential oils to really make her feel on top of the world. She is beautiful and you don’t have to spend a ton for her to have a great night it’s about how you make her feel.

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Probably have some simple Halloween costumes of your own? Great! Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Simple Halloween Costumes

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