Showing Some Love On The Best Marriage After God Book

Showing Some Love On The Best Marriage After God Book

Mostly likely if you are reading this one of two things are happening. Either you have the book and are trying to decide if you should read it or you are trying to decide if you should buy it. The short answer is yes totally get it and read it. Below is the some of the things you will find inside.


We desire you to pursue kingdom purposes with your marriage, to be a testimony to others of God’s love and amazing grace.

Marriage Aftter God Book

Showing Some Love On The Best Marriage After God Book: Belief

So sometimes as a couple, we can choose not to have our belief in God. When times get hard it’s really hard to lean into what God has to say and really want to talk or work anything out. Aaron & Jennifer Smith do an amazing job at sharing all the struggles they have gone through and how to get through it together is giving all the glory to God. There love for couples is amazing. Your marriage has a purpose. Lean into God and see what that is. Try reading this book with your spouse.


As husbands and wives who desire to walk in God’s will and his ways, we must be, above all else, men and women of the word.

Marriage Aftter God Book

Starts With The Bible

Now please don’t read this and think we all get it perfect. There are mornings I don’t do this. There are weeks I have missed. But reading our bible is where it all starts. We are all building our marriage on something why not have it be some stable. In the first chapter of the book, they go into great detail on why reading the bible is important. Its a small step and will be an unending thing but so important. You will find in time that you grow to love it and even look forward to it.

The enemy is convinced that if he can stop or destory a marriage after God, then he can stop the effectiveness God can have in this world.

Marriage Aftter God Book


The enemy will always be at work to tempt us to divide. A marriage after god when healthy is powerful. The enemy wants nothing to do with that. So he will put thoughts in our head that will try to make us argue. Did the counter not get wiped down after a million times of asking to do that when done in the kitchen? Don’t take the bait. You love your spouse that is why you married them. In chapter two they talk about what the enemy does to divide marriages. And how to stop it in its tracks.

That is just to start of the book. The rest is so good I could talk about it for days. The book gets better and better with every chapter. I’m already on my second time reading it. Thinking about adding this into our gifts whenever someone gets married as well. It really is that good. Grab the book now.

Once you grab your copy of the book go ahead and join the movement.

They are really great people to follow on online, listen to there podcast, and check out their website.

So to sum this up: choose together to have a strong belief in what God says, it all really starts with the bible and reading his word, the enemy will tempt us to not get along.

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Have other things that you love about marriage after God book? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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