Secret iPhone Tips & Tricks

Ready to use your iPhone to the fullest? Great, let’s get into it.

iPhone Camera

You, of course, could use the camera to take pictures like you have been. You can also take a picture to remember something. See the little heart at the bottom of the picture? Once you click it it will go into the favorites section in your photos area. Use this to remember your hotel room number, remember the name of something you want to search online for, or reorder something you ran out of.

Organization Folders

So let’s say you have all your social media apps that you want all in one place instead of some on every page. Take and drag one app over another. So hold Twitter over the Facebook app this will create a folder. Name the folder whatever you would like Social Media would work just fine. If you have enough apps make one of the pages on your iPhone folders only. Then it’s all on the same page.

Text Replacement

Do you have words or phrases you use all the time? Let’s make it easier so you don’t have to type it all out every time. Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement. Press the + in the upper right-hand corner. So let’s say you want to say “I love you so much too!” Put that in the phrase area. For the shortcut, I find using two letters or less is the easiest. So “il” would work for the shortcut in this example. ¬†There ya go you have your first text replacement.

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How to fix your iPhone acting up

So you go to click on an app and it acts like it’s gonna open and it just closes right away. Before you get upset about it again and have to make an appointment and drive all the way to the apple store let me give you two quick ideas to try. Reset your phone. To do this hold the home and power button (volume¬†button and power button for the iPhone 7) at the same time until you see the apple on the screen and let go. If that didn’t make the app open plug your iPhone into your computer iTunes should pop up if it doesn’t no worries just open iTunes. Check to see if you need to do any updates. Once that is done reset your phone again. You should be good to go. This works for any software updates that won’t work.

There you have it. Some of the most up to date iPhone tips & tricks. Have questions feel free to ask below.

Secret iPhone 6s Tips & Tricks

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