The Right Cure To Get Beautiful Healthy Hair

All women want healthy hair. When it comes to getting it that can be hard. We get our hair cut and sometimes colored every 6 weeks. How can we start to make healthy hair easier and not so time-consuming? Sure we can get our hair done every 15 weeks or even twice a year. That works for some but most women don’t care to do that. So let talk about healthy hair solution that really starts with some good shampoo.

Shampoo For Healthy Hair: Routine

Now how you start and end your day is so important but what about what you do with it during the day? I’m finding less product is more and it helps you not have to wash so much. So what can a day in the life routine look like? On the day you wanna wash your hair wake up and get right in the shower. Wash with shampoo and conditioner. Once a week I use a scalp scrubber like Good Medicine Ashes you add a little to your shampoo and really get a good amount scrubbed in. Rinse it out and apply conditioner. Then on another morning but once a week also I do a mask. So I’ll shampoo like normal and then do the hair mask as a conditioner. When I get out of the shower and my hair is tangly or snaps easily I spray some leave-in conditioner on which my hair is still really wet. Then I put my hair up in a towel and wait about 20 minutes or so before I take it out. Then brush from the bottom up. I will let me air dry or blow dry it. I’ll add some oil to the ends a little goes a long way with this stuff. When I want to go longer between washes and my hair feels pretty good I skip the leave-in conditioner and the hair oil.

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Of course, you want to know what shampoo to use to help with healthy. Somethings go into figuring this out. Do you have color treated? Dry? Normal? I really have found innersense organic beauty to be the best for all the products I get. Get there newsletter and you can get some really good deals with a group of items purchasing. Safe & Chic site has some amazing deals for these products and they always give some really great samples on other fun items as well. I would try the travel size of the ones you want and then see what works for you and go from there. You have really rinse the shampoo and conditioner out a ton plus have a good amount of water on your hands before you apply the product.

Cut out sugar

I said before but it’s so important. The worse we eat and drink the worse everything on our body will be. Sure eating a cookie here and there won’t hurt anyone. If you find yourself doing this daily though have a talk with yourself. Do you want a healthy thriving body or do you want to feel bad all the time? I know it’s not always that easy and a lot of things come into play for this.

To sum it up have a great routine that you can do with no problem, have a good clean organic shampoo and conditioner, and cut out the crap! I know that last one is not as fun as it seems.

Have an itchy scalp you can’t seem to get rid of? Go here to check out what I go for ya on that.

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Wanna get in on the latest chat on shampoo for the healthy hair? Join us here. We would LOVE to have ya.

Shampoo For Healthy Hair

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