Here Are The Really Epic Benefits of Kombucha

When it comes to the benefits of Kombucha there are so many. Before breaking down some of those amazing benefits let’s talk about what to look for in a bottle. Make sure it’s organic. Actually, make sure everything you get going forward for anything is organic. Make sure there are only a few ingredients in any bottle you get. Watch how it makes you feel. After a few sips if your body doesn’t react well to that brand try a new brand don’t give up Kombucha all together.

Here Are The Really Epic Benefits of Kombucha: Weightloss

Now don’t get this twisted when seeing the word weight loss. Yes, one of the benefits of kombucha is weight loss. That is along with clean eating and exercise. Sorry to break it to you but kombucha alone will not make weight loss happen. If it did it would be so much more popular then it is. Try to drink a half a bottle to a full bottle a day. Would be a great snack with soaked and dried nuts & seeds. Have this be one drink apart of your everyday life. Once you find one you love and works for you be sure to try all the flavors. The Bu Kombucha is the only brand I love.


So once you clean up your eating and start drinking kombucha regularly watch how your skin changes. The skin benefits of kombucha are clear, glow, acne free. This doesn’t happen overnight and may even take a few months to make happen for you but it will happen. Once you see it you will be even more hooked on drinking kombucha.

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Of course, this is so big for so many people. Digestion is one of the big benefits of kombucha. If you need better digestion start with drinking more water. Once you have that in place have some kombucha before you eat and then again after you eat. This will help your body process your food. Watch your digestion change as you put this in place day in and day out.


Wait you don’t need any more energy? Ok, I knew you did. Once you have had your warm lemon water in the morning and a glass of water try kombucha. This will be a great way to start your day and really give you the energy you need to get going and have an amazing day. Plus it tastes good. Since Kombucha has caffeine drinking it in the morning would be great. Getting energy as benefits of kombucha is probably the best reason to drink it.


Do you take your daily probiotics? Well, one of the benefits of kombucha is it’s a natural probiotic. When you are holding a bottle of kombucha and all those pieces are at the bottom of the bottle that is good for you probiotics. That is the best part to drink so don’t put it down the drain drink it.

Bonus: Best Kombucha Flavors To Try

The Bu Kombucha - Lavender The Bu Kombucha - Lavender


Lavender kombucha is the best one to start with if you have never had kombucha ever. This is just the best flavor and more relaxing. Plus the color of the bottle is purple so why not drink it.

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The Bu Kombucha - Honeydew The Bu Kombucha - Honeydew


Honeydew is the second best flavor. It’s like sitting on a beach even if it’s negative degrees outside. This would totally be amazing on a summers afternoon as a fun drink.

The Bu Kombucha - Tropical The Bu Kombucha - Tropical


Tropical is the third best flavor. This one is not as fun of a flavor as it sounds. Would for sure be a great spring/summer drink of when water is boring and you want to switch it up.

I have not been able to find this but at our location Woodman’s grocery store. I would keep an eye out for it though and I’m sure you will find these in no time. When we were in Austin, TX we went to sprouts and they had a ton of there flavors. The Bu does have a store locator on their website but it doesn’t show we have one close to us but we do so not sure it’s 100% accurate.

To wrap this up benefits of kombucha is weight loss, skin, digestion, energy, and probiotic. Plus The Bu Kombucha is the best brand out there to date.

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Do you have other great benefits of kombucha that you know? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below. 🙂

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Here Are The Really Epic Benefits of Kombucha

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