Sun Goddess Matcha

So if you have ever tried Matcha this product could scare you just a little.

I find Matcha years ago. I put just a little bit of matcha in a TON of water. I was home all by myself and I thought I was not going to make it. My heart was racing so fast and nothing I did would calm it down. I was so shakey I couldn’t even pick up the phone to call anyone. Hours later I was better but I swore off matcha for life!

That is until I kept seeing this one pop up on Instagram as a must-try. After about the 5th time I thought what is this all about?

So I ordered it and shockingly I LOVED how I felt so much so that I even gave up coffee for it and that is a HUGE step because coffee and I go wayyyy back.

So if you are at all afraid like I was give this one a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Also, ZERO grassy taste. I didn’t even know that existed. Did you?



  • Shaded 35% longer for extra l-theanine to support calm
  • Provides sustained energy – no jitters or crashes!
  • Crafted by a Japanese tea master (less than 15 in the world!)
  • FIRST matcha Quadruple Toxin Screened for purity
  • No added anything – no preservatives, sugar, and artificial sweeteners


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