Popular Actually Natural Remedies For The Cold & Flu

So the flu has hit your house huh? You have been searching the internet high and low trying to figure out how in the world you are going to get this gone before others catch it. Everything you are going to read here can be used while you are healthy or not. With that in mind let’s talk about how to kick the cold & flu.

Popular Actually Natural Remedies For The Cold & Flu: Vitamin C

When it comes to people around you have a cold or flu this is your first course of action. You put a Vitamin C packet into a little bit of water and drink it. This can be done 1 to 2 times a day. This will really help your system fight off anything that comes into it and build up and immunity for any of those bad things that comes your way. It doesn’t taste the greatest but most things you take when you are sick don’t taste all that great. You are trying to not get sick so don’t focus on the taste.


This will help with any sinus relief you may need for the cold or flu. You can take this every 2 hours for up to 6 times a day. They just dissolve under your tongue. It will help take any pressure off that you make be experiencing. Which is great for when the cold strikes and that pressures is just too much. You can get it on Amazon or at whole foods.

Elderberry Syrup

Now there are so many different versions of this you want to get the purest ones to have it make the best effect. They sell them at whole foods and on Amazon. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve never used theres but I have. The one I have found that is the best is Seattle Elderberry. She only makes them in small batches so you have to sign up for there newsletter and when they are available plan to go on the website and get them fast. This is so good to take when you have a cold & flu. It’s also good to take during the season to help arm yourself and your family.

Protecting Throat Drops

Of course, finding a better alternative to drug store cough drops is the best. These protecting throat drops will really help you breath better, stop coughing, and arm you for when your throat is sore. We have tried a few different brands from whole foods and for right now these are the best ones we can find for our family. Please look into drops that work for you and your family.

Epsom Salt Bath

If you want one thing to do at least once a week no matter what this is it. It only takes 20 minutes of your time and really helps pull anything out that you have going on inside you. Get the purest one so no essential oils or anything else in it. Do 2 cups at a time at night and take a shower afterward. That way depending on what you have going on you can add your own essential oils. When you have a cold & flu put 3 drops of your protective blend, and 3 drops of breathe blend. If you are just wanting to relax for the evening just doing 6 drops of lavender would be wonderful.

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Bone Broth

There are so many different versions of this out there make sure you are getting one with the best ingredients. Which is one where you keep it frozen and has a gel on it before you heat it up. Bonafide Provisions is the best brand out there. They are everywhere including Walmart. We stock up on these and use them in everything when someone in the house is sick. Do a half a bag of the chicken at a time with a 1 TBS of grass feed butter and pink Himalayan salt. Get all three products at whole foods but you can really get them from anywhere. This can be drank once a day just to keep your gut and body healthy.

Essential Oils

These are something that should be used every day for sure during cold & flu season. You want to use the protective blend and the breathe blend because this will really help when people are sick and help you before and after having a cold & flu as well. Do 3 drops of each with fractioned coconut oil in a 10ml roller ball every 3 to 4 hours. Put on on your neck front and back, under the nose, behind your ears, and on your wrists. Also, 3 drops of each in distilled water in a diffuser throughout the day so you are getting those oils into the air as well. Please take a class or two on how to properly use essential oils for you and your family.


Up your water intake. If you do nothing else but take a nap and drink water you are on a great road. This will get you in the bathroom often and get those back things flushed out of your body. That will help you get back on your feet in no time. The trick to this is to have a full cup of water next to you at all times. Make sure to have filtered water as well.

Cod Liver Oil Blend

This is good to take off and on throughout the year but will really help in cold & flu season. Just be sure to take a good brand of cod liver oil and not some cheap off brand that is really doing nothing for your body and wasting your time and money.


Take this all year long. This is good for everything but really helps during the cold & flu season. Go ahead and google all the good things taking echinacea will do for you and your family. You can also drink the tea version of echinacea as well. They will both be super helpful so whatever way more sense to you go ahead and do that.


So many version of cold & flu tea is out there. Check the ingredients to make sure are clean and organic. Ones that we stock up on are Throat coat, Gypsy Cold Care, and Cold Season. They taste so good and are good to drink during cold & flu season no matter if it’s hit you at all or not.

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Activated Charcoal is one of the best products you want on hand no matter what is going on. Even if you find yourself just having your stomach hurt if you can’t stop going to the bathroom take bind. This can be taken two hours before you eat and then wait two hours before you eat again. This is easiest to be taken in the morning right when you wake up two hours before you eat or at night two hours after you ate anything. If you eat something that bothers your stomach take these as well. Pretty much if you have anything going on in your body take this.

Propolis Throat Spray

Tastes like candy. This can be sprayed right in your mouth every day. Propolis is the best thing you can have on hand when you hear someone that is starting to get sick or just if your throat hurts. Spray about 3 or 4 sprays at a time and enjoy all the health benefits of doing so.

Self Care

Give yourself the grace to do what you can to get you and your family healthy. Self-care is so important because we are busy. Even when we are sick we still push ourselves way too far. I made a self-care eBook so you can take the time to schedule in when you can learn ways to do self-care, and troubleshooting for when your mind and body will not relax. I hope you get the book it’s less than a coffee and will hopefully help you to not get cold & flu and keep you at your best.


You can for sure get your own and they aren’t as expensive as you would think. But you can go to a friend or family house. Also, a lot of places around you may have a sauna if you don’t have your own. Having a portable one is good for so many reasons. You can put it away once you are done. This one really heats up well too and you can use your arms while you are sitting there. If you are traveling with a vehicle you can bring it with. Be sure to rinse off afterward so you don’t get everything you just got out of your system put right back in. Do this for 30 mins a day every day. Twice a day when you aren’t feeling well. It’s so relaxing.

Dry Brushing

Your lymphatic system is so important for the full function of your body. Doing dry brushing before you get in the shower will get your blood flowing and get everything pumping. It moves things that may not be moving well without doing this. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes a day. It will hurt less over time. Brush towards your heart. Be sure to wear only wireless bras as well to help not block up your lymphatic system. Sometimes they come with plastic pieces in them still so be sure to take those plastic pieces out as well.

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Now you have heard of the magic of floating right?! Ok so if you haven’t go watch this Youtube video on it now. Make sure not to drink any caffeine that day or shave at all. If you do drink caffeine it will just be hard to relax. If you do shave they give you some petroleum jelly to cover the shaved or cut areas. There is a ton of salt in the float pod but it doesn’t feel any different then if you have shaved and come in contact with salt. Google all the benefits. This will help get so much out of your body during the cold & flu season for sure. They have an amazing deal to get $30 off your first time as well. This can be done once a week and the Epsom salt bath on the other day.


Don’t overlook this. We skip this step all too much. Make a cup of tea, turn on the Hallmark channel, read a book, and relax. You will be amazed at how much you need this. You deserve to rest even if your mind and to do list says otherwise. Have someone help you with everything that needs to be done today and get some rest.


Salt room therapy is a must do. Can you tell that salt is healing? It really is. This will help with a cold more than the flu but go do it. Take a family member with you or go alone. It’s so relaxing and well worth the time to sit back relax and just breathe in the salt your body needs to heal.

Green Juice

Make this apart of your morning after warm lemon water. The lemon water will help you go to the bathroom and then the green juice will restore the good stuff that can out. Your body needs to rest, restore, and heal so do anything you can to make that happen.


Now, this took a LONG time for me to even try. The smell took me a really long time to get past. I drank it but never really enjoyed it. That is before The Bu came into my life. It just tastes like you are drinking something really tasty but getting all the health benefits of kombucha. We can only kind this at our local woodmans. I hope you can find it somewhere around you because it soo good!

To sum this up: get some Vitamin C, elderberry syrup, drink tea, get your bone broth in, put on essential oils, sweat it out, Epsom salt bath, drink your juice and get some rest.

If you only have the time or the energy for 4 things to do when you are sick check out this post.

Do you have some other things you do to help with the cold & flu? Great! Feel free to join our community and get in on the conversation.

Thanks so much for reading. Check back on this post because I’m always updating it to keep with the latest and greatest finds.

Popular Actually Natural Remedies For The Cold & Flu

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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