How to Overcome in the Struggle World

To the one who has any kind of struggle. Whether that be to read, to understand, to be understood, to speak louder, to stop talking, to stop drinking, to stop eating so much, to eat more, or something totally different. Please stop being so hard on yourself! You were given this struggle for a reason. So instead of being down and out about yourself let’s think of ways to overcome this!

How to Overcome in the Struggle World: Grace

Do you know the first thing that happens when we screw up and eat that piece of chocolate? We give yourself a lecture! Why? Well because we think being hard on yourself is somehow gonna make us a better person. Now let me ask you this if your friend came up to you and said they just did again the thing they struggle with what would you let them? You would not yell at them. You would show them grace, and love. Probably even give encouragement. Give yourself grace at the times you really need it.

Have a Plan

So this one blew my mind. I mean I know I need a plan so when the ice cream looks tempting next time I can grab for the cashews in my purse instead. What about for the times where all your group is eating ice cream and if you have one more cashew you will scream. Not really but I mean a girl can only have so many cashews before she becomes a cashew. Try to have a bottle of water on you at all times. Have a reusable one that is better for you and everyone around you. Have a snack on you at all times as well. Be sure to switch it up every time so you aren’t finding yourself eating the same thing and tempting yourself to eat the thing you shouldn’t.

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Accountably Partner

Now this one is very tempting to skip. Actually, most people do. Why? Well because in order to have someone hold you accountable you have to tell them one of your weaknesses. I mean we don’t even want to attempt we struggle with anything even to ourselves. Why in the world would we be willing to tell that to others? I agree it is scary! At times you think maybe I shouldn’t tell them anymore. Do you want to get past this? Do you want to someday help some else with this? Of course, this is hard. Right, when a breakthrough is about to happen you will want to give up. Don’t do that! Stay the course tell your accountably partner EVERYTHING!! Not just the small stuff everything. They can’t help you and hold you to it if you don’t tell them. Make sure this person is someone you trust with your life. Also, make sure this isn’t something they are currently struggling with too. Otherwise, they may lead you right back into the struggle you are working so hard to overcome.

In a world full of struggle you can overcome anything! Tell yourself you go this and nothing will stop you! Have another idea on how you overcome struggle? Awesome! Feel free to comment below and tell us all about it.

How to Overcome in the Struggle World

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  1. Boma says

    I’ve found that leaning on God and letting Him help you helps. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you.

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