Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is slowly becoming the talk of the town. When it comes to your teeth or really just your whole body coconut oil will be sure to help. This is going to be the start of a coconut oil series. So our first stop oil pulling.

What is oil pulling with coconut oil?

Simply put it’s a healthy way to wash out your mouth. It helps rid your body of toxins it doesn’t need. Do it first thing when you wake up and you’re on your way to whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Why Would I Want To Oil Pulling?

My guess is if you are reading this you know there are better ways to get your teeth and gums healthy without having to use harsh chemicals that are bad for your body and burn. Plus, coconut oil doesn’t have a bad after taste so you can enjoy food or a beverage right after you finish your glass of water of course.

So how do I do oil pulling?

Grab coconut oil in solid or liquid form. For us, solid coconut oil comes in bigger containers and goes further but it really is good to have both forms in the house. Be sure it’s Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed, and Unrefined. Take a half a tablespoon or less depending on how big your mouth is and put it in your mouth. Start swishing it around for 20 minutes. Set a timer and spit it in the trash can when you are done. Don’t swallow it you will just be putting all the toxins back in your body.

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20 Minutes?! What am I gonna do for that long?

It does seem like a long time doesn’t it? Just do the oil pulling while you are in the shower. Set a timer and when it goes off you are good to go. The time really goes by fast when you keep your mind active. If you don’t remember to do it while in the shower you can pay bills, watch tv, or read a book. I find to remember to oil pull every morning I have a small container of it in the bathroom with a spoon. Then when I first wake up I see it and use it.

Have some more oil pulling tips? Great please share them with us below.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil


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