New Year New Goal

Happy New Year! How many times have you heard that so far? People are talking about having a goal or resolution for the new year. We could take the time to write out everything we want to accomplish. Nothing is wrong with doing that either. Sometimes though what happens is a goal can turn into having anxiety. So let’s talk about a goal.

New Year New Goal: Word

Now, this has been going around on social media so maybe you have heard of it. If you haven’t no worries let’s talk about it. So one way to help you have your best year yet is to pick a word instead of a goal. Now write the word down and save it to your lock screen on your phone. This will keep that word front and center all year long. The cool part about this is the word can be anything. Let’s say you choose family. Now everything that happens all year family is the focus. Get a new promotion? Great! With that promotion family still be your focus? If the answer is no turning it down maybe be in your best interest. So take some time now and pick a word that will really help you and keep you on track.

Best Self

So if picking a word doesn’t seem like something that would work for you do not do it. Maybe you are more goal orientated and goals make you feel alive. Great! Sit down and set a goal or two. Please though do yourself a favor and don’t set yourself up for disaster. As in do not make a goal be “Get Married”. It’s not that I don’t want you to get married it’s more that I don’t want you to get to the end of next year look at your goals and realize you didn’t get married. Set goals that are in your control and that are super doable. As in “Smile more”, “Laugh often”, “Hug loved ones”, or “Workout at least once a week”. See you can do those and you won’t have to worry about being super broken hearted if they just don’t happen.

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New Year New Goal

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