Natural Ways to Help With Allergies In The Fall

Natural Ways to Help With Allergies In The Fall
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When it comes to allergies no one has time to deal with them. The runny nose, watery itchy eyes, and just being plainly miserable has got to stop. Since college, I have had allergies that no amount of over the counter medicine could even calm down. It would just make me sleepy but not take away any of my problems. So I set out to find a natural way to help and it has actually worked.

Natural Ways to Help With Allergies In The Fall – Essential Oils


The first thing I tried for allergies was making an essential oil blend in a rollerball that I put on my feet, arms, chest, nose, and neck. The most common blend people talk about in a 10 ml rollerball is 2 drops lavender, 2 drop lemon, and 2 drops peppermint then fill it up with jojoba carrier oil. The blend that I have found works the best for me is in 10 ml rollerball put 2 drops cedarwood, 2 drops Respir aid, and 2 drops sweet orange then fill it up to the top with a jojoba carrier oil. This really takes the edge off and smells pretty good.

Allergy Defense Tonic

Allergy Defense Tonic

Now if you have ever heard of Organic Olivia all her products are amazing. There isn’t actually one thing I would tell you not to get. So when I saw she had something to help with all your symptoms I had to get it. It is amazing and works so well. Just start with a little bit and add more drops as time goes on to see how you do with.

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Nose Powder


I swear by just this nose powder alone. Just put do two squirts in each nostril twice a day and it is like you don’t even have allergies. It’s really the most amazing thing ever and I will never find enough words to say on how amazing it is.

Propolis Spray


This spray works so well for so many things and the fact that it works for allergies makes it that much better. I call this my candy spray and it won’t ever change that wording.



Everything I ever share will probably always have water. This is because your body needs so much water. So if you are suffering from allergies water is going to help flush out everything you don’t need so you can really get back to enjoying the season.

Clean Up Your Eating


This one is probably going to be the least favorite one. Most likely because we don’t want to have to mess with our eating. Food taste good and letting go of sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy can just be really hard. So work on slowly letting go of one thing at a time and see how that goes. You might find just letting go of one thing is all you needed to do to feel better.

To sum this up give some essential oils a try, organic Olivia’s allergy tonic is amazing, nose powder is a game-changer, propolis spray just plain tastes good, drink water until your pee is clear, and clean up your eating one thing at a time.

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Do you have some other natural remedies that you have found to help with allergies? Great! Feel free to join our community and get in on the conversation.

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