It’s The Most Honest Thoughts About Women In Bikinis

Women In Bikinis

When it comes to women in bikinis we as women tend to do anything but wear them. I mean we think they are adorable on other women but for sure not ourselves. Let’s get into why that is.


It’s The Most Honest Thoughts About Women In Bikinis: Judgement

Now think about this for a second will ya. When you put on a bikini and wear it out in public people think you look absolutely adorable. Some women will even tell you that you do. But as women in bikinis, we think that everyone is judging us. Do you know that every single women that wear a bikini feels the exact same way? Yup, even the one that you thinks looks adorable. Why is that? We judge ourselves. We look at ourselves in the mirror and think dang it look at the size of my legs. Golly look at my arms. Wanna stop feel judged? Great stop judging yourself. It really does start with your thoughts.

Women In Bikinis


Of course, you would think fear won’t be a part of our thoughts on women in bikinis but it really is. We are afraid people will talk about us. . Do you know where fear comes from? First, it comes from the devil himself. He will continuously tell us how wrong we look in a bikini. Second, it comes from things we have heard about us over the years that we have let become who we think we are. Psst, can I let you in on something? How you are is exactly how you are meant to look. Not you with 20 fewer pounds. You are this age and this size right now. If you don’t learn to embrace it who will? Your husband can tell you how beautiful you are until he is blue in the face but it won’t matter until you love who you are and how you look. You are strong capable women who can have a yummy snack and wear a swimsuit. Don’t let your mind or anyone else make you ever think any differently.

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Women In Bikinis


So when we are being real honest we don’t feel beautiful enough to even be women in bikinis. That is because social media and just about anything else you have listened to or watch made you think you aren’t. I don’t have as small of legs as her, my midsection is bigger then hers or my chest is just too small. My hair isn’t blonde. I don’t know how to do my makeup. I can’t go on vacation and make my hair not look like a big hairball. Let me tell you what not one of those things takes away your beauty.

Women In Bikinis

Different Lens

Now here is my challenge for you. Next time you don’t want to be one of the women in bikinis try putting on different lens. Sure you can physically do that but to do it mentally too. You choose your thoughts and you can change them in a second if you want to. So no more of things parts of your body are this and that. Instead, tell yourself what you love about your body parts. Love will always go so much further than fear. Don’t fear the bikini put it on and have some fun this summer.

So to sum this up: we don’t put on the bikini because we are afraid of judgment, fear of what people will think, don’t feel beautiful, and then how just putting on different lens can make us put on the bikini and get in the water.

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