It’s The Most Amazing and Easy Skincare Morning Routine

It's The Most Amazing and Easy Skincare Morning Routine

When it comes to skincare we are always looking for the next best thing. We hear that coconut oil is a great skincare morning routine and we jump on the bandwagon. Just to find out that coconut oil actually changes the pf of our skin and causes breakouts. So I wanted to share with you some easy things I do that you most likely already have.

Morning Routine

It’s The Most Amazing and Easy Skincare Morning Routine: Wash

So most people talk about washing there face in the morning. I get really bad breakouts at times so I used to wash my face in the morning too. Now with my easy skincare morning routine, I actually skip it. Say what??

Morning Routine

Lemon Water

Now the first thing I do for the start of my morning routine is when I wake up I drink the rest of the water I have by my bedside. It’s not much but will get things flowing from not drinking any water for 8 hours or more. After that, I drink a mug of warm lemon water. It’s literally just warming up water and squeezing half a lemon in it. It’s a really great way to have a better digestive system and better skin.

Morning Routine


Of course, not everyone takes a shower at night. I never used to be a huge fan. Then learning the ease of the morning it makes really got me into showering more in the evening. Plus if I use my Alevia lavender body wash it relaxes me even more before bed. So in the morning, I get my hair going which is just putting it up in a bun. But that will get it out of the way of the next step.

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Electric Toothbrush

Brush Teeth

Once I’ve had my coffee I then brush my teeth. I have an electric toothbrush and brush for about 2 minutes. Just do each tooth one at a time. Be in no hurry and don’t apply any pressure. I was doing that when I first started using an electric toothbrush. Skip the Wi-fi ones that do more harm to your body than good.


Yup, you guessed it next I spray on my deodorant. I actually am having a really hard time finding a deodorant that works for me that doesn’t give me a rash or bumps. So I keep making Dr. Courtney Kahlas Armpit Detox spray. This works so well even during the hot days. I do have to spray it on a few times a day sometimes but it’s better than a rash and bumps so I’ll take it.


This is not an everyday thing or even a once a week thing. Mostly I don’t wear makeup. If I do it’s eye makeup and really just eye shadow and mascara. I have makeup in my bag that I’ve had for a lot longer then most people care to keep makeup but I’m ok with that.

So as you can see my skincare morning routine is really to not touch my face at all. It’s been really hard to not at least wash my face but in not washing my face it’s made a world of difference.

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