How To Stay Motivated In Everyday Life

How To Stay Motivated In Everyday Life

If you are reading this you are feeling less then motivated to tackle life. The bills are piling up. The bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in three weeks. Your email is screaming for your attention but you just can’t seem to give it any. Below are ideas on how to get motivated no matter what is happening.


How To Stay Motivated In Everyday Life: Pray

So this one seems to be the last thing we think to do sometimes. We think to ourselves Gods got better things to then listen to me praying over my laundry pile. If you want peace in life to do laundry the Lord will give it to ya if you ask. I’d rather pray over it than stress over it.


Go For A Walk

Fresh air just makes us feel better in life, doesn’t it?! When my focus or motivation is gone I try going for a walk even if it’s a short one to clear my head. Also just seeing people out and about with you kinda puts you in a better state of mind.



Now this one will be different for everyone but dance, sing, paint, or take a picture. Sometimes just getting things out of our system is all we need to get back on track. It may take a few songs for a few hours to really work everything out to get your motivation back for life.


Read a book

Of course, this can be the bible, a life-changing book or just something heartwarming. Sometimes all we need is a few hours of letting reality go and let a book just speak to our soul. If you have not tried this in awhile give it a try now.

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Watch something funny

When is the last time you had a good laugh or cry even? Sometimes getting motivated means letting out what we have held in. So put on a show or movie you know will make you laugh. Ask your family to join you as they will probably need a good laugh as well.



So everyone enjoys something different. But baking is totally something that relaxes me and gets me motivated to do the next thing. Others it might be cleaning the house (if that is you let me know I have a few things to help ya.) What is your thing that relaxes you? Try that and see what happens to get you motivated for life.


Listen To A Podcast

Podcasts are the best for everyday life. They are even better on days we need some motivation. A few to get you started or add to your collection is That sounds fun by Annie f downs, The Allie Worthington show, and The happy hour with Jamie Ivey just to name a few.

To sum this up to get motivated for this life pray, go for a walk, sing, read a book like the Bible, watch something funny or sad, bake, and/or listen to a podcast.

Also, give brain dumping a try. It gets everything out which can be super helpful in our crazy life.

Do you have other tips to stay motivated in life? Great! Feel free to join our community and get in on the conversation.

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