How To Really Have The Best Morning Routine

How To Really Have The Best Morning Routine

When it comes to what we do right when we wake up it’s so important to have a morning routine. If you find yourself wake up and just getting right on your phone and then hours later find you should be getting going with your day this article is for you.

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How To Really Have The Best Morning Routine – Water

The first thing you should do is for your morning routine is to drink a full glass of water. This will get your body full of what it lost while you were sleeping. Also, it will help you be about to go to the bathroom better as you go to these next few steps.

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Warm Lemon Water

The second thing to do for your morning routine is warm up some water with an electric kettle and use it for my coffee and warm lemon. You take an organic lemon you can totally get a regular lemon if you’d rather just really wash it good first. Then squish them into the warm water with a lemon squeezer in a cup and drink it. No, it doesn’t taste the best but if you are someone that has a hard time going number two this will help so much.

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Proverbs 31 Bible Study

When it comes to getting your morning going a good bible study is a really great place to start. Proverbs 31 always has a really great bible study to be apart of. It’s all online, all you need is to buy the book, and they email everything over totally for free. All they ask is that you buy your book from them. I have done over 10 bible studies with them and they get better every time.

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Once you drink the lemon water in your morning routine you will totally want to wash it down. This will help wash out everything you just drank and really get things moving for me.

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YouVerison Bible App Story

If you have yet to download the YouVerison Bible App you should go ahead and download it now for your morning routine. Right, when you log in and open up the app there is an open story button at the top. Open that and walk through those slides. It’s such a great way to start the day.

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So I call this tea but it really isn’t I warm up water and then add some Organic Olivia tinctures mood juice, liver juice, and mane magic to the water and it makes into a tea. It really doesn’t taste too bad and about halfway through you will be ready to go to the bathroom. It’s a great thing to add to your morning routine.

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YouVerison Bible App Plan

Now with this app, you can do a few things. Just read the bible in whatever you would like to. Make a plan that takes however many days it says and it gives you some insight into the bible along with some verses to read. It’s really a great day way to start your morning routine.

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With everything you have drunk so far water more water is a must. Like you want everything to flow right through you and to do that more water is really a must. If you don’t know if you have drunk enough water look at the color of your pee if it’s not close to clear drink more.

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Christian audio


You can read for your morning routine a physical book, digital book, and/or audiobook. Christian Audio is a great place to start. You can listen to the book while you drink or morning drinks or while you are working. There are so many great ones to choose from. I would love to hear what you decided to choose below.



It’s time for coffee in your morning routine and this is so exciting. A good organic fair trade coffee is in order after all those drinks. If you haven’t been able to go to the bathroom now will be the time.



Now podcasts have so fun to listen to in your morning routine. Some make you think, laugh, cry, or just feel heard. No matter what you choose it will be a great way to start your day.



A nice walk on a brisk crisp day is a great way to end your morning routine before you start the hustle and bustle of your day. Walk for 10 minutes or 30. Any amount of time you choose your body and mind will thank you.

To sum this up to have a great morning routine start with water, warm lemon water, bible study, more water, open the story in bible app, tea, do that days bible plan, more water, read a book chapter, cup of coffee, and then put on a podcast and go for a walk.

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