How To Plan A Week Of Actually Healthy Food

How To Plan A Week Of Actually Healthy Food

When it comes to planning a week worth of eating healthy food there are a million different ways to go about it. You could cook it all at once and have it ready to warm up and eat. You can cut up produce and have it ready to go. You can just write on a calendar what you will have and plan at night when you will eat the next day. Just know there is no wrong way to do this. It’s whatever works for your family and for your schedule that makes the most sense. Just sit down on Saturday morning before going grocery shopping and see what you are going to eat for the week. Let’s get into a simple way to make this happen.

Meal Plan

How To Plan A Week Of Actually Healthy Food – Schedule

So the first thing you do is get together right before you go grocery shopping for healthy food and see what you plan on eating for each meal this week. You can have a dry erase calendar boards that you write the date on and what you will have each day. Example: Monday – Spaghetti and meatballs. Tuesday – Breakfast, Wednesday – Leftover Spaghetti and meatballs. Thursday – Waffles, Friday – Pizza. Saturday – Burgers and Fries, Sunday – Leftover Pizza.

Meal Prep

Make A List

Find some recipes you like. Danielle walker has amazing recipes. Now you make your list. This can be a physical one or one on your phone. Go through your fridge, freezer, and pantry to see what you already have. Then add each healthy food ingredient you do still need to your list. Add to your list snacks you are gonna each so like fresh fruit and veggies. Also what you need for breakfast so if you eat a lot of eggs remember to put how much you need of each on your list. Head to the store.

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Prep your produce

Of course, once you get home from the store and put everything away it’s time to clean and cut up everything. It’s much easier to make things at night if everything is all ready to go for you. Clean things like cucumbers, celery, peppers, apples, carrots, and potatoes, etc. Buying frozen fruits and veggies is much cheaper and is great for your smoothies. Try to have all these stored is a glass container and stored in the same drawer so snack time is easier. Plus you are more likely to eat it if is right there. Added on filtered water to your celery will make it taste better when you go to eat it and last you longer throughout the week.

Night Check

Once you have everything laid out for the week every night plan to check and see what you need to get out for the next day. During busy seasons plan on crockpot meals. Those are easy to make the night before and just turn on the next morning. Let’s say you are going to make chicken and vegetables tomorrow night. Put the chicken in the fridge to thaw out from being frozen. If need be you can prep your veggies.

Give Yourself Grace

With everything, you must give yourself grace. We can plan out all the healthy food but life happens. Like you can plan to eat chicken and vegetables tomorrow night then your mom calls and needs help at her house so you will be eating over there. No problem just pop everything back in the freeze and try again another day. Your life and your happiness are the most important. Don’t get hung up on what you had planned to go with it.

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Breakfast & Lunch

Since we have only talked about dinner let’s talk about what to do for Breakfast and lunch. Breakfast keep it simple. You can bake amazing muffin cups find a ton of recipes on Pinterest for those. We like to premake things for the mornings so it’s just grabbing and go. We do things like Simple Mills Banana muffins with chocolate chips in them. Really the best go to is 2 eggs over easy with half an avocado with spinach. Lunches are normally a smoothie. I get all my smoothies from one of my favorite cookbooks body love.

To sum it up find a weeks worth of recipes. Make one recipe last a few days if you can. Schedule out what you are going to eat when. Make a grocery list. Prep your produce and cut what needs to be done for the week when you get home. Every night make an alarm in your phone to check and see what you can get out for tomorrow nights dinner. Give yourself grace through the whole process. Keep breakfast and lunch easy like grab and go kinda food.

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