How To Have A Better Nights Sleep Naturally

How To Have A Better Nights Sleep Naturally

When it comes to sleep it’s starting to become normal that no one can do it. We used to be a house that didn’t sleep well. Below is things we have done that has helped us get to bed by 9 pm at the latest and actually sleep well throughout the night. We have noticed a huge difference in the nights we miss one or more of these steps.


How To Have A Better Nights Sleep Naturally: Go for a walk

Now living in Wisconsin this literally only a warm weather thing but we try to go for a walk for at least 15 mins every night to help with sleep. This either happens right when we both get home from work or right after dinner. Try to do this about 2 to 3 hours before bed to give your body enough time to calm down.


No Sweets After 7 pm

So with these, we have noticed that when we have anything besides water and hot tea after 7 pm we don’t sleep as well. For myself, if I have any kind of caffeine after about 10:30 am I don’t sleep well that night. Really watch what you eat throughout the day and then how you sleep that night. If you find you aren’t sleeping well start a food journal or use an app like MyFitnessPal on your phone and track everything you eat and drink that day. Then if you don’t sleep well try removing a food you ate or something you drank and see how that works. We are all so different so do some trial and error to see what works for you.

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Take a Bath

Now, this was sounds about the easiest and most relaxing. That is because it is. If you find yourself waking up throughout the night try a hot bath at night with Epsom salt and see if that helps. Epsom salt helps pull things out of your body and should help you go to the bathroom more the next day. Yes, I’m talking about going #2. When you wake up throughout the night it’s your bodies way of saying something is not working right. I find an Epsom salt bath with some essential oils works wonders for this. It makes take a few nights of doing this to help. Should be done at least once a week.



We find doing this for the rest of the night leading up to going to bed really helps a ton. This can be sitting on the couch watching tv. Just sitting and talking. It could be one of you read while the other watch something they like. Whatever helps you relax do that for a few hours leading up to when you go to bed.


Diffuse Oils

Of course, this can be done in the hours leading up to bed and while you sleep. Just make sure it’s a blend that is calming and agrees with everyone in the room. For some people, lavender can wake them up and not put them to sleep. So be sure that you test everyone before putting the oils in the diffuser.


Drink Hot Tea

Traditional Medicinals is the brand we use of night time tea. We brew it about an hour to half an hour before bed. We drink it slowly and it really helps our body start relaxing and get sleepy. There is a Yogi tea brand we use as well. It’s really good to switch it up.

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Read a book

So this can be a book or magazine. I find for books it has to be a more mindless fun book and not one that gets me motivated because then I’m up all night thinking about it lol. About 9 pm we shut all electronics off turn off the wi-fi and just talk or read a few pages in a magazine. It kinda slowly will get your mind and body to relax.

To sum it up: Go for a walk, no sweets after 7 pm, take a bath, relax, diffuse oils, drink hot tea, and read a book.

Music is also super relaxing. Read all about it here to see if that can help you as well.

Have other things you do to help you sleep? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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