How to Get the Best Beach Hair

When it comes to getting the best beach hair it can be easy. Sure you can get a product turn on your blow dryer twirl it around and pray it’s curly. Just to see it be a mess of well hair. Let’s talk about an easier way that gets you beach hair even if you are just going to work. You may even find yourself putting a tiny umbrella in your water because you feel so beachy.

How to Get the Best Beach Hair: Shower

It all starts with a shower. Be sure to use a hydrating conditioner. This will help keep your hair at it’s best state. As long as you do this every so often you will be fine. A good rule of thumb for hydrating conditioner is when your hair feels dry and brittle use the conditioner. If this step is missed the next steps will make your hair worse not better so please be sure to hydrate. I just started using the innersense one at least once a week. I was using Acure but my hair needs to switch things up every so often.

Leave In Conditioner

So this can be a detangler as well. This will help make your hair soft, more manageable, and light. I find this really helps set the tone for the next steps. I go between using Innersense (this one smells AMAZING) and Boyzz Only to keep my hair from not getting used to one product. They both work really great. I do tend to like the innersense one more but the boyzz only I use more when I’m on the go. For all these product be sure to use the Think Dirty app to help you make the best choose for yourself.

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Sea Salt Spray

Now this is the best part. I have never found a product like the sea salt spray. You literally just spray and go. As the day goes on your hair just gets these cute beachy waves. Like I’d to say there is more to it because it seems like there should be but really there isn’t. It’s a fun way to get out the door fast in the morning and look great throughout the day. I use three different ones. Two are from Captain Blankenship: Organic Mermaid Hair Spray, and Organic Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer. The other I use every so often and that is from John Masters Organics. I got that one from Ulta so next time you are in there take a look at that as well. Please note do not use this product everyday. I have found sea salt to majorly dry out your hair so do less then more. I was doing this everyday so let’s just say I learned this the hard way.

So with all the being said let’s recap. Wash your hair and keep it wet, spray in your leave in conditioner, and spray sea salt spray. Seriously that is it. I know SUPER easy.

Do you have another way you achieve great beach hair? Great! Feel free to leave it in the comments.

How to Get the Best Beach Hair

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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