How To Actually Help With Heavy Periods

How To Actually Help With Heavy Periods

Chances are if you are reading this you either deal with heavy periods yourself of you know someone who does. To that I say I feel your pain. This is something I’ve been dealing with for over 20 years and products I’ve found to help as the years have went on. Please come back because I’ve always finding new things and realizing some aren’t the best.

How To Actually Help With Heavy Periods: Back Story

I got my first period when I was 10. At that point in my life I didn’t even know what that was. I woke up to the worst pain I’ve ever felt and feeling that I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom. From that moment on I had to miss a week of school once a month. The pain has been so bad at times I can’t move and nothing helps. I am by no means an expert but I do have years of experience so I hope to help point you in the right direction. As always please seek professional help because this is not normal and more maybe going on then we realize.

Heavy Periods


So this is where working on getting rid of heavy periods is where it all started for me. I was at local acupuncture having some cupping done for back pain and in conversation mentioned that I have heavy periods that come with a lot of pain. She had me try a bottle of MyoCalm and I’ve had it on hand ever since. It’s the last resort thing but man it helps so much. You take two at a time.

Heavy Periods


Now this one I’ve been taking only during my time of the month twice a day but it helps a ton. You will probably have to find a doctor to get this supplement but I have had it help so much with heavy periods that it’s totally worth it. Systemic Formulas is a really great brand so finding a website that sells it might be a step in the right direction as well.

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Heavy Periods

Flow Balance

Of course, this flow balance is newer to me but it seems to be working a few things out. I’ve used it for two months now about one dropper full in water once a day just about to up that to two times a day. This should really help with heavy periods. Has really great ingredients and Organic Olivia has it going on with all her supplements.

Heavy Periods


Most of the time we crave chocolate so if we are going to reach for one it should be a clean as it can be. This brand really is my favorite and it really tastes good. I do about a square a day of it if that. Try to eat it as little as you can. I can’t say it helps with heavy periods per se but it helps mentally and that counts right?! lol

infrared heating pad

Infrared Heating Pad

This infrared heating pad helps so much with the abdominal and back pain that normally comes with heavy periods. This will be the most expensive thing to buy but once you have it you will use it for years. I bought the bigger one but a smaller one would actually work a ton better. It will lay better on your body.

doTERRA Deep Blue

doTERRA Deep Blue

Talking about pain with heavy periods this helps a ton with back pain or achy muscles. You can use any brand you’d like this is the one we have chosen and really like it. It’s a good icy hot replacement which I used to use but the tube full back in the day. This one is just better for you and works better.

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DoTERRA Clarycalm

doTERRA clarycalm

When cramps come during heavy periods just roll this on the upper and lower abdominal area and it will help reduce them by a ton. It’s best when you first feel them to start using this right away. Once let the pain gets bad it takes a lot hours before this will kick in. Both roller balls can be used every 3 to 4 hours.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Have this on hand and drink this throughout the month and especially during your time of the month. It has so many good things it puts into your body so be sure to do some research and see if it’s something you’d like to add or not. Traditional Medicinals and Yogi are two of my favorite brands. They both one have one ingredient which is organic raspberry leaf. We do find these both at our local woodmans and whole foods.

Cora Organics

Cora Organics

I never really thought about organic tampons until I read what was in the tampons I was using. Nothing you want in the sensitive not to mention delicate area of your body. So Cora organics is what I landed on and it’s been wonderful ever since. I know period cups are popular and I’m sure they are really great but at this time I’m not willing to look into that. I’ve been using this brand for over a year and have found nothing I don’t like.

Organic Bananas

Organic Bananas

When you are just in major pain from heavy periods give a bite of banana a try. It has so much good stuff in it for you that you body is currently losing a lot of during this time. So enjoy it will your raspberry leaf tea and with a couple heating pads on.

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Beyond The Pill

Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten

Something to keep in mind is seriously none of this is normal. I gave you above everything I do to help myself but some months I can’t get out of bed for a week. Other months are better. I don’t write this article as I have everything all figured out because I don’t. I found this book by the amazing Dr. Jolene Brighten. It is so good. Sure it’s gonna be hard to read and apply all of this but it’s a process. You clicked on this article for a reason. You want help. Please take the steps to do what you need to do to get better. We are in this together and I can’t wait to hear about this all from you.

To sum this up try myocalm, Fpms, flow balance, chocolate, heating pad, deep blue, clary calm, raspberry leaf tea, organic tampons, a banana and read beyond the pill to help with heavy periods.

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Have other things that help you with heavy periods? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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