Holiday Stress Relief

So it’s the holiday season. If you are anything like my family it’s been the holiday season since November 1st. Sure we watch Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate, and have the decorations up. As the days go on our calendars start to fill up and then the same dates and times get double booked! Now the holidays went from cheery to how are we gonna do all this in one day. Well, let’s go over some holiday stress relief to get you back to enjoying yourself and focusing on what this season is really about.

Holiday Stress Relief: Grace

Now, this is the time of year where we are missing family members. Also, trying to make it all work so we can see everyone. No matter where you are in life right now give yourself some holiday stress relief with grace. Grace to slow down enjoy the moments. To remember all the wonderful memories of years past. Also to not be able to see not be able to be everywhere at once. If we don’t keep a positive mindset this season will suck us in and spit up out before we ever knew what hit us.


So sometimes we get so caught up on the to-do lists we forget to show love. To our family, to people passing by, and to ourselves. We can get upset because we made a plan to have all our family together and they have other things to do so they won’t be able to be there the whole time. Focus on the fact that they get to be there at all. Choose to show love for people being present instead of anger because it didn’t turn out how you imagined it would. You never know who’s last holiday this will be. Let’s not have to remember it being angry. Let love be your holiday stress relief.

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Notice I didn’t say presents. Those are great but people will remember memories based on fun, not things. Your undivided attention is a holiday stress relief in itself. It doesn’t take any extra effort to do. That is something we all can stand behind. This may just be your best holiday yet! Reread this as often as you need. Share this with someone who needs tp hear this!

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Holiday Stress Relief

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