Here Is How To Have A Healthy Easter

Here Is How To Have A Healthy Easter

Health and Easter don’t seem to go in the same sentence. For a few reasons really. For one we eat candy and have brunch. Neither of which have any sort of health to them. Second, somewhere along the way, we lost the true meaning. So we are all out celebrating the Easter bunny and Easter baskets without for a second thinking about what really happened here. So let’s break down how to have a healthy Easter mind, body, and spirit.

Here Is How To Have A Healthy Easter: Mindset

So there is a book I read last Easter that is called Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus by Becky Kiser. It’s about the best book I have ever read when it comes to shifting our mindset for any holiday. She talks about how as kids we used to get excited about every holiday. Then as we got older we learn what made those holidays magically weren’t really there so we lost the magic of it all. So she gives super amazing tips & ideas on how to bring magic and whimsical into the holidays as well as the true meaning of why we celebrate them in the first place.


Of course, I think we should be celebrating Jesus on Easter and not the Easter bunny but if candy is around you better bet I want to eat some. I mean Jesus doesn’t want us to not celebrate him so let’s have some candy. The first brand I enjoy is the black earth organic brand. They have sweet & sour bunnies that are amazing. Wholesome organic is another great brand. They have bunny lollipops that are a crowd favorite. Surf sweets they have organic jelly beans that are pretty darn amazing. No these are the cleanest options ever actually there is no clean candy out there. These are just the cleanest ones. Your best bet for the cleanest ones ever is the eat organic fruit but that can be boring on such an amazing day. Yum earth is a really great brand as well. Target carries this brand and all the others. The closer to the holidays the more of a discount the candy gets so do your last minute shopping there.

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These might be one of those duh paragraphs but I’m going to say it anyways have fun! I mean go to all the people’s houses that invited you to. Share the love of Jesus. Say the prayer before you walk into each get-together and ask for guidance on how you can do your best to glorify god there. Play games eat way too much food and just lose yourself in the moments. If we choose to just sit home on Easter and miss out on all these memories we may miss out on one of the best parts of the week.

Make Something

Now baking is stress relieving to me. So if someone has an amazing baking recipe I most likely will drop what I’m doing and bake it. So since going Paleo for eating, I found an AMAZING food blogger Danielle Walker that has the best cookbooks I’ve ever used. She has one just for the holidays called celebrations. If you follow her on her facebook page she is always showing in more fun ways to bake for the next holiday coming up. For Easter, she made a Paleo Reese’s Easter Eggs and they are so darn good. She also has a recipe for cinnamon rolls that are so good you will have more than one. Both of those are from her celebrations cookbook. All her cookbooks are amazing and we haven’t tried a recipe of hers that the whole family didn’t like. Keep these bake goodies at your house to snack on or bring a dish to pass at your gatherings.

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To sum this up have your mindset off of the Easter bunny and on Christ, since we are celebrating Jesus rising from the dead just for us we have to celebrate and candy is a great way to do that, don’t forget to have some fun, and make something even if it’s just for your house.

If you are looking for some Easter craft ideas check some out here.

Do you have some other ways you have a healthy Easter? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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