Best Ways to Tackle Healthy Grocery Shopping

You have gone to the grocery store for the millionth time. You went there with the intent that you were gonna get some healthy grocery shopping done. Sounds all great and fine at home but once you get there you start to wonder how will you ever buy any of this stuff. Let’s break it down for ya.

Healthy Grocery Shopping: Dairy Free

This one just to wording makes people say no thank you. I like dairy. I like milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. Why in the world would I want to give that up?? You don’t have to. In fact, I haven’t given up one of these things and I haven’t eaten anything dairy in months. If dairy bothers your tummy but it’s just too good to give up try goats milk instead. Each of these items may be hard to eat at first but it doesn’t taste like what you are used to. But once you try it and your stomach doesn’t hurt you won’t be able to wait to try it again.

Healthy Grocery Shopping: Gluten Free

Since this has been popular in the last few years people have been more likely to try it or at least not dismiss it as fast. Now depending on how gluten works for you and your families body would depend on how deep into gluten free you want to get. Some people can just look to see the gluten free label and that is enough to make them feel good. For others looking at the ingredients and being specific about what agrees with your body and what doesn’t is the best option. Not sure what goes with your body and what doesn’t? No problem start only eating one item at a time and see how you feel when you are done. Once you know you are good with eating kale great now try just an apple. Maybe do like one item a day otherwise one may go into the other and won’t know which food it is that doesn’t agree with you.

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Healthy Grocery Shopping: Organic

This one is for sure being popular. Now just seeing an organic label on anything isn’t enough but maybe ok for you. Ingredients are super important. The fewer ingredients in a product the better. Stay away from any words you can not pronounce. Now not everything that is organic is going to agree with you and that is ok. Take each item one thing at a time. You don’t need to switch your whole house over to organic right now. Give yourself grace with each thing and only buy things that make sense for you and your family.

With groceries as well as everything else in life the more you learn the more you can have the confidence to make the best decisions that work for you and your family. Don’t make it hard just breathe and know you are doing the best you can!

Have any questions on anything else to do with healthy groceries? Great leave them below.

Best Ways to Tackle Healthy Grocery Shopping

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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