Why Healthy Food is really Hot right now

When it comes to healthy food everyone has a different theory on why one way is the best. This is not an article on what is the best it simply is just facts. Give yourself grace through this process and know you are doing the best you can. Let’s talk about healthy food and how to best go about it.

Healthy Food: Water

So when it comes to healthy food just uping your intake of water is a great place to start. When you find yourself being super super hungry midmorning or midafternoon have a glass of water first if you are still hungry after a few minutes have a light snack. How about when water gets boring? A couple thing can happen you can add a drop of your favorite fruity essential oil and that will switch it up for ya. My favorite thing to do is get a big pitcher add fruit and then add water let it sit overnight. It’s super yummy.


Now if you are anything like me healthy food requires snacks are your best friend. We tend to run to items like cookies, chips, and popcorn. An idea I have started to put into action is making some snacks the Sunday before the work week starts or the night before. Pinterest has an AMAZING array of ideas so be sure to check those out often. I like to cut up celery and have those in beeswax ready to eat. Another idea I think is fun is cutting up and apple and putting almond butter on it. Find a snack that sounds yummy and make it. You are 10 times more likely to eat it if you already have it ready to go.

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Now, these one people find to be kind of addicting for healthy food so please be warned. It’s fun because you can mix up different products you like to make your best juice yet. If find juicing to be one of the messiest things so I choose to buy them instead of making them. Juicing well get all the good stuff right to your blood supply fast to help keep your body healthy. Since it’s cold and flu season I’m currently daily drinking the stay golden. It has everything your body needs healthy food wise to give it the boost it needs to keep going at full speed ahead.

Pick one thing to start for healthy food and do that until it becomes a habit. Then add another one. Smoothies and salads are also another good way to get eating healthy food. What is something stopping you from eating healthy food? Join our community and get in on the conversation.

Healthy Food

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