Fun Things To Do Alone

Oh, alone time. Something we hear a ton about but never seem to get. The laundry has to be done, email has to be read, and dinner has to be made. But we can’t keep going day to day never taking time for ourselves. Why? Well because we are gonna get burned out fast. Then we are not helpful to anyone. We can’t even handle ourselves at that point. So here are some fun things to do alone.

Fun Things To Do Alone: Take a hot bath

What is the sound a hot bath being drawn with Epsom Salt being poured into it? Of course, you don’t have time to enjoy it but you deserve to take a few minutes for yourself and just sit back relax and enjoy. Keep in mind that one hour of a hot bath takes the place of a 30-minute walk. You could say why would I want to take an hour to do something I could get done in 30 minutes. Easy do you want to walk or rest?

Read a book

Now you are thinking one of the fun things to do alone is read. I don’t have time to read. Ya, you probably don’t have time to brush your teether either but you do it! Make time. Heck schedule it into your calendar if you have to but take the time. You will be better and more relaxed for it.

Watch Netflix

This one tends to suck ya in and doesn’t let ya out even when it’s bed time. What I have found to be super helpful is two things. First, get everything done you need to around the house including getting ready for bed then when it’s time you can just go from the couch to the bed and go right to sleep. Second, if you don’t have a ton of time but really need to have time alone either watch one 30 minute show and turn it off. Or set a timer and once it goes off so does the TV. Whichever works for you.

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Get Some Vitamin D

Sit outside for 15 minutes either in the morning or after 3 pm to keep yourself safe from the sun. Just close your eyes meditate if you wish but take this alone time to really relax and enjoy yourself. We would all be better just from doing this one simple step.

Have more alone time fun ideas? Great share them with us in the comments.

Fun Things To Do Alone


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