The stockings are hung, the lights are up, and Christmas songs are everywhere we go. We see new things to do, try, and buy every second of every day. Here is what I want to tell you today. Do not let the fear of missing out (aka FOMO) distract you from living your life. Let me tell you there will always be new pajamas to buy. Cuter stockings to get. And a happier family to buy into. But nothing you can buy will make you truly happy. Choose to stop the FOMO this holiday season and everyday this new year.

FOMO: Family

So the amazing lady down the street posted a cute Instagram picture of her kids in new pajamas. As your looking at the picture your kids are in the background¬†fighting again. In your mind, you are thinking let’s just get them new pajamas I mean they could really use some and it could bring them closer together. Ok, let’s break this down. Unless you started off this December thinking they need new pajamas do not let FOMO make you think that pajamas are what they need. They need your love that is what they need.

Christmas Cards

Now, this one seems to be happening less and less but I still want to touch on it. So you got the cutest Christmas card in the mail from your parents and you called your mom to let her know you got it and love it. In the conversation, she mentions “When will we be seeing your card?” Unless you talked about Christmas cards already with your family do not feel the need to go into a panic and have to order Christmas cards. Yes, they are lovely but they do not have to happen. You people will live without a card and you will be less stressed because of it. Do not let FOMO make you think you need to run out and make something happen.

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Let me tell you this one has tempted all of us! Last week I almost found myself needs to go out and get more indoor Christmas decor because well I wasn’t feeling what is currently going on. I mean why would I even let FOMO effect me like that. The amazing people you get the privilege to live with and share Christmas with is enough. Even in the mess, they are enough. Let what you have be enough and take a deep breath. Your house looks AMAZING!

Have something else you are having FOMO about? I’m so sorry to hear that. Join our community and let’s support each other to get through this together.


Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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