First Date Ideas

So you are about to go on your first date together! How exciting!! This can be both the scariest and most exciting time. Now you are thinking about your outfit, hair, makeup, and perfume. Trust me he won’t even notice any of that so promise yourself you won’t get too caught up in all that and get stressed out. This is supposed to be fun! Hey, this could even be the last first date you ever have. Enjoy it. You didn’t click here to read all that so here are some fun first date ideas.

First Date Ideas: Picnic

So something about a picnic sounds both fun and a time to let loose and relax. I mean you can’t be mad with a homemade meal sitting next to you. To take it a step further have him put it all together for you both. But before you say “Ya that would work but he doesn’t know what I like.” Good point sooo¬†you both make the meal together and he cooks it. Fun for you both and a bit of a surprise for you.


Walking into a bowling ally is so fun. There is the sound of the pins getting knocked down, the food being cooked, and people laughing because their high score is in the double digits. How is that not a fun place to go check out together and enjoy? Make a bet as to who will get the highest score before you start. You two will be laughing in no time.


This one is my favorite. You can choose the movie and he can act like he is really into it. He is into you so he will go to anything. The first date my husband and I had was a movie and it was the legos movie. If that doesn’t prove he was into me I don’t know what is lol.

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This idea is simple which is why I like it. You can get as fancy or as inexpensive as you want. Been wanting to check out that new steak restaurant across town? Just wanting to order a pizza? Either will be just as fun as the other and no need to go broke to be together. Just enjoy it.

Have your own fun first date ideas? Awesome share them in the comments below.

First Date Ideas


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