Exclusive Real life as a Gluten Free Eater

Chances are if you are reading this you are thinking about going gluten free, know someone who has or are feeling super alone in this journey. Being gluten free is like trying to exercise. You have good intentions but then go out to eat see there is nothing on the menu you can have so you tell yourself life is too short and have a piece of bread. Then you get home and your stomach hurts and you can’t stop going to the bathroom you remember why you eat the way you do. So here is what it’s really like to be gluten free in a gluten world.

Exclusive Real life as a Gluten Free Eater: Get Togethers

So you got invited to a get-together. You used to think you will have a good time and enjoy yourself by now all you think about is what you can’t have. The food and snacks that will be available you can’t touch. So then you make plans to eat before. You arrive with your yeti full of water. Everything is going smoothly until you hear the words foods ready. Everyone gets up and you get on your phone. If I don’t make eye contact maybe no one will notice I’m not eating. Then someone in the room asks “So you aren’t gonna eat?” Then you see others looks. In your head, you say you do want to eat because it all looks and smells AMAZING but you just say no thank you. It’s so hard to even want to leave the house.

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Kimberly Burke says “I’m gluten free as well. I’m allergic to wheat, rye, barley, and all eggs. I’m not Celiac. My answer is usually -I prefer not to feel sick, look 9 months pregnant or have severe migraines or something similar. I always leave the house with snacks and/or a packed meal. When I eat my snack/meal I get a variety of comments, dirty looks, etc. There are some places that I refuse to eat/snack because of previous experience or the situation.”

Going Out To Eat

Your family wants to go out to eat. They choose a place that you can’t eat at. So you eat before and only stay a little while. You have things to eat in your purse and food ready to be made when you get home. Sure the food smells amazing and you want to eat just like everyone else. But you know right when you decided to your body would react in a way that you can not handle. No one wants to have to opt out of eating with friends and loved one. No one wants to not have to make there own food. But when you do you know what’s going in it and that your body will be filled with nourishment. When you see people eating away at a restaurant and you just want to join them you know it’s time to go.

Rebekah Svensson says “Celiac over here too. I usually tell people ‘it’s ok, it just means I’m better than you’ when I get the pity. I’m all about the humor.”

Having People Over

Now, this is one that is the easiest because you are in charge. Nope cleaning your house before and after is no fun at all. You choose the menu and can make your own food. I always just make my own food and eat it before people come over. I’ve eaten it in front of people before but that felt weird and people wondered why they couldn’t have any. I will always have a treat or two that I can have so I can at least enjoy that with others. Those are normally the ones people don’t try either so you have more for yourself later as well.

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Devin Zarda says “I feel your pain! I’m also sick of announcing it 14 times at a restaurant, but yet again, don’t want to go to the bathroom in my pants.P.S. people always ask if I’m pregnant when I turn down a beer. Nope, I just don’t want to go to the bathroom in my pants”

Going To Parties

Of course, parties are the hardest. It’s the same as the others you can’t eat or drink anything there. But this time there is cake and cake is HARD to pass up. Anyone that has to pass up food is hard but passing up cake takes will power I didn’t even know I have. So I eat before I go. Have a snack or 10 in my purse, coat, or pocket. Then I’ll have a piece of cake I can have at home or in the car ready for me when I’m done. It still isn’t very easy to do because everyone is enjoying the cake and talking about it. We have had to skip a party or two on the days I know I wouldn’t be able to say no to cake or food.

To sum this up eating Gluten Free in a gluten world is tough. I’m learning though that you are tough too. Also that our treats are a lot better than all that anyways probably just because we can eat something without our body going into shock over it afterward. Don’t stop going out of the house because you have nothing to eat out there. Eat before, bring a dish to pass or have something in your purse, have something you enjoy eating ready for you when you get home as a job well done. Being gluten free is tough but you got this!

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Exclusive Real life as a Gluten Free Eater

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