Etsy Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Finding a gift for everyone on your list seems to be getting harder and harder. On top of that, we are collecting a TON of Christmas decor and always wanting more. Etsy seems to be a great go-to for everything and all the makers are so nice. Below is a list of 8 different people you can get off your list using Etsy.

Etsy Gift Guide

Etsy Gift Guide: Kids

Now as kids teepees are so fun! Heck as adults teepees is fun! I have found the perfect one that will be sure to make that kid on your list smile. Enter into your life the Tucson Teepee. This teepee is great from Etsy. It comes in two sizes and you can choose if you would like a window in it or not. It would work as a group gift for kids that live in the same house. You can choose if you want it in medium or dark brown. So you really can customize it to fit in anyone’s house. Don’t forget to test it out for yourself just to make sure you like it lol.

Etsy Gift Guide


Next on the list from Etsy is for men. Why are they so hard to shop for? You have every kind of man too. Some like books. Others like tools. Picking a tool is like them picking up makeup for us. Love the thought but unless we gave them a picture it won’t end well. Last year I got my husband the most fun item I’ve ever seen and he actually uses it every day. It’s called the personalized docking system. It’s so cool because no matter what kinda man you are shopping for they all need a place to put their items at night. You can have it say their name or a little something about them. It will hold just about anything they have a well and all in one place. Works really well on the nightstand.

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Etsy Gift Guide


For sure ladies are the BEST to shop for. I mean we are most likely getting something we would love to have ourselves. Something fun and cute to get is a chunky knit hat. There are some many colors and styles you literally can not go wrong. There is a cute on in black or another one in Oatmeal. I mean come on those are so cute. You just got one for yourself, didn’t you?! If you scroll down when viewing those hats there are a ton more colors for you to check out.

Etsy Gift Guide

The Wedding Party

So if you are getting married soon… first off CONGRATS!! Second, all these sales around the holidays take advantage of them. Even if you aren’t getting married for awhile every little bit you can save is huge. Something that is super fun to find is items that can be used more than just at the wedding. Personalized item is cute but just do first names on them so they can reuse the item daily and not have to worry about explaining why it says bridesmaid 3 years later. A necklace with there first letter initial is cute and that name will never change so when they get married they can still wear the necklace.

Etsy Gift Guide

Pets and Pet Lovers

Nowadays animals always seem to get forgotten about around the holidays. They like gifts too! Ok I know they literally are spoiled all year but how about something cute for you and them. On Etsy, I found an adorable key folder for everyone in your house including your dog’s leash. I mean it keeps everything organized for you and makes them feel like they have a place.

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Etsy Gift Guide

Adorable Couple

Of course, if you have a couple in your life that has just gotten engaged or married there are some adorable things you can get them they will be sure to love for years. For a married couple how about a welcome mat with there last name on it. I mean that is so fun for any season. For an engaged couple how about a his and hers charging dock. That way they can charge all there items together and it’s a fun way to start off all the his and hers to come.

So to wrap this up for kids find something you can do with them, for him find something that is useable all year, for her find something warm and adorable, for your wedding party take advantage of all the holiday sales to help not pay so much for your wedding, for the adorable newlyweds in your life get a cute doormat and something for that animal in your life.

Have another item that you are so excited to give this holiday season? Great! Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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    I was actually looking for a teepee for my son, so I will check this out!

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