Easter Crafts Will Change Your Life

Easter crafts they can either make or break your holiday. Kids love them and parents tend to dread them. If we play our cards right we can make this more enjoyable for all. So let’s talk about ways do to just that.

Easter Crafts Will Change Your Life: Memories

Now with anything, we tend to be on our phones more then we do anything else. How about finding crafts that fit your family and make you want to put down your phone and enjoy the moment. The ones that tend to be a favorite for all is baking. We get all eat something yummy in the end so what is there not to love? Rice Krispie nests are a popular one. Cakes and muffins are fun too! Easter crafts are all about getting crafty so don’t be afraid to do just that.


Of course of the best things, kids like to give and receive are cards. They have some of the cutest things they want to say in there easter craft card so trace there hand on a piece of colored paper and ask them what they want to say to there grandparents. The cutest things will come out of there mouths and you will love to write it as much as they will love to say it. Cards make everyone feel good.


When is the last time you actually sat down and drew something? It’s been awhile I know but right now you can do it. With the cutest kids around sitting right next to you drawing too! To really make it fun how about think of one or two easter things to draw and make a winner. Best drawing gets a hug and a treat. See being crafty doesn’t have to be all about the kids.

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Once you have done all the crafts inside take a step outside and start a water balloon fight. Yes, you will get wet and probably mess up your hair and makeup but I mean all the laughs you will hear is totally worth it. Sometimes we just have to have fun and take care of the mess later. I plan on surprising my husband with these water balloon filler and seeing what he thinks.

Mason Jars

Have you seen the cute little mason jars people fill with yummy snacks? If you can’t already tell I’m a sucker for a good snack. To be able to turn easter crafts into a snack for all I’m in. Ask the kids what their favorite treat is and add that in the jar and hand them out to the family. You can’t go wrong and EVERYONE will love it. I mean everyone.

So before we close here let’s go over some great Easter crafts ideas again for ya. Make memories that make you want to put down the phone starting with baked goods. Helps the kids make a card. Start a family drawing contests. Get outside and let the kids get messy. Fill mason jars with yummy snacks. Once the day is over don’t forget about some self-care.

So those are my fun ideas on how Easter crafts will change your life. Do you have some of your own ideas? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Easter Crafts Will Change Your Life

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