The History of How To De-clutter Your Life

When it comes to de-cluttering that always sends people running for the hills. I mean we all want to help not have everything everywhere but hey life happens. So instead of needing to de-clutter everything at once let’s just focus on the main things. Keep in mind to de-clutter your life that will look different for everyone. Let’s break down why that is.

De-clutter Your Life: Basic

Since we all live totally different lives every step will be different. While one of us just needs to get rid of half the stuff in our purse and downsize that will be where we start. The next person will just need to de-clutter there mind before they can even think about de-clutter their life. How to know where to start is just do a brain dump this will get everything you are thinking all on a piece of paper. From there you can then decide what is the top thing you want to tack. Knock that off your list and go to the next.


Now, this is all about climbing a ladder. If you want to get to the top start at the bottom. Start with your purse, your office, your bathroom, or your bedroom. What is the place or thing that gives you the biggest headache? Start there. Then went you get to just a few things left on your list you will feel like you have got this! To de-clutter, your life is to be able to breathe easier. You deserve that.

Pass It On

So once you start this process others will notice. Then they will want to be able to breathe easier too! You will then send them in the right direction and watch them go as well. What if instead of focusing on what so in so doesn’t do we help them to be the best versions of themselves. Now the question is when will you get started with de-clutter your life.

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Do you have more de-clutter your life tips? Great! Join us in our community and get in on the conversation.

De-clutter Your Life

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  1. Ami says

    My bedroom and my junk drawers (2 of them) are really my main problems. I probably should do a mind dump. I like that because most of the time, I have lots of thoughts lol.

    • Elizabeth Kramar says


      Thank you so much for your comment! O yes, those two areas can tend to collect everything. Just take it one area at a time. When it feels overwhelming stop enjoy something fun and tackle it again the next day. Yes start with the brain dump and do those as often as you need to. If you need any help with any of this feel free to reach out. Super happen to help. 🙂

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