Creative Halloween Costumes

With Halloween season coming we are all thinking about what costumes the kids or even ourselves should wear. Since it’s more about the fun and candy let’s promise us we won’t get too caught up in the have to have a perfect expensive only gonna wear once costume. Just have it be fun and easy. Here are some creative Halloween costumes to get ya thinking.

Creative Halloween Costumes: Cute not scary

Ok some of us are all about scary. Which I’m so glad that works for you. But we find scary also equals expensive. Because you will get the face mask and then have to get the outfit that goes with it. Then you will have to paint your arms to go with it all. Through some tights into the mix and we are at $60 or more in no time. So in exchange to that throw on an old t-shirt and fun hat you can be the guy from decades past! Even if that was what you wore daily a year ago have fun with it.

You what you already have

We get so caught up in well sally is having her kids have themed costumes so now my kids have to have a theme and enough! Let your kids put together their own outfits. They don’t care if they are something from paw patrol or a cute ballerina wearing her dress from her closet and carrying her bear with her. Don’t get stressed out to have to get the best using all your time and money. Let them have fun with it. You might actually like what they came up with.

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Have Fun

So sometimes with everything we get soo caught up in the need to get this done and off our list, we forget to enjoy any of it.  Costumes don’t have to be figured out in a day. Don’t lose yourself this Haloween season. Make some cute brownies with white frosting drizzled over the top and two eyes to make a mummy looking treat. The kids in your life with love it and it will for sure put a smile on your face.

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Creative Halloween Costumes

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