Why a Couple Image is Cuter Than a Kitten

As a couple, we can either take too many photos or not enough. I find we never take enough. We go on a trip and when we come back we find not one picture was taken. Some people in my family will tell you that you have the images in your mind so that is all you need. Let’s talk about how and why taking a couple image is important to you.

Why a Couple Image is Cuter Than a Kitten: Memories

So years from now when your grandkids are at your house looking at all your couple image pictures in the hallway they will love to ask you who is this and where was that taken. If you didn’t take any you won’t have anything to show.I’m wondering now if we even will have any pictures on the walls at all. I mean when is the last time we took a picture and printed it out? Unless it was a Christmas card, engagement, wedding, or new baby we are probably just keeping it on our phones. Even then it would be fun to show future generation where we have been and where they show visit.


Does it shock you that the selfie is very popular right now? It’s easy and they are pretty fun. Remember that even if it’s a bad angle you are getting really great shots. Because even if these photos only you can see and it’s ok to take photos that never get shared with the world it’s all about enjoying your time together and taking pictures is fun. Take a selfie and scroll through your phone ever so often together to remember all the fun times you shared. Who knows this may spark an idea for your next trip together.

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Now some of the coolest pictures I have ever taken are of times where we were just living life and a picture was snapped. It’s so real and raw and untouched it’s perfect. We get so caught up in the need to be perfect we forget that we are humans and we are messy. Our house isn’t always perfect. Our trips aren’t always perfect and it’s totally ok to show that. It’s in the real and raw we find something peaceful and beautiful. Like next time someone is talking about something, they love snap a picture. They will have a smile on there face and it’s amazing. Snap a picture of yourself next time you are talking or thinking about something you love. See what that looks like. It may just push you to focus on what you love and not things that bring you down.

Have an idea of a great couple image you would like to share? Great! Feel free to share it in the comments.

Why a Couple Image is Cuter Than a Kitten

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  1. Kayla says

    I love this and it’s so true! When we go on family vacations I end up with a ton of photos of the kids but none of us as a couple! Great tips!

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