5 Pieces To Invest In This Season

Have you gotten into the capsule wardrobe idea yet? Wait you haven’t heard of that before lady let me start by telling you what it is. A capsule wardrobe is staple pieces of clothing that never seem to go out of style so they can be paired with the current season’s pieces. AMAZING right?! Ok now let’s talk about what those staple┬ápieces are.

Capsule Wardrobe: Skirt

Skirts are so fun because the patterns are cute and can match with a ton of shirts. Plus, they can be comfortable soo that makes it easier to wear. The thing is you can wear them to work and then out to a date night and you fit in perfectly both places.


If you are anything like me you find yourself getting cold even in the warm months. When you always have a few layers to wear over any outfit it not only completes the outfit it makes you feel so pretty! Plus they keep you warm so there is that too lol.


This seems to be the item we think less about until right before a wedding or party and then it’s oh my gosh I don’t have a dress to wear. So then we throw the kids in the car drag our husband with and go through the long painful process of finding a dress that fits perfectly and entertaining the family. Get yourself a little black dress now so you are ready to go when the time comes.


These are all the rage these days. People wear them anytime of the week and to about just anywhere. Why is this? Well because they are comfortable and so fun. Plus they are always in season no matter what season this is. I would stick with a color you tend to wear all year so then it will work perfectly with any top you choose. I would say black leggings then it seems like an all black theme I’m going with here lol. If black works for you go for it.

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Loose Top

I don’t know about you but most days I just want to have a comfortable cute top that doesn’t show all my problems areas. One that makes me feel beautiful all while not having to spend a ton of time throwing it all together. You can get one with a pattern or just plain just keep in mind the colors that you wear all season again otherwise you will need to get a few which who am I kidding doesn’t sound half bad at all.

Ready to up your capsule wardrobe game? Great join my community and let’s get your closet ready for any season.

5 Pieces To Invest In This Season

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