Bucket List For Couples

We all have a bucket list in our heads of what we would like to do one day but have probably never thought of what a fun bucket list could look like for a couple. So here are some ideas for ya to get your mind going on a bucket list for couples.

Bucket List For Couples: Baby

This can be a few things. You could sing a baby to sleep, adopt a baby, or even you hold a baby. Babies are such a blessing to us all so don’t forget that in this hustle and bustle of life don’t forget to stop and see the world the way a baby does. The stress will be lighter and you will be able to breathe.

Run through a field

This one can be kinda freeing. It could be a field of your favorite flower. An apple field. Or even a cherry field. Don’t forget to stop and take in the smells. A lavender field might make you a little sleepy but that sounds like a lot of fun to do.

Go snorkeling

This isn’t for everyone but if you both are into adventure go for it. It might be pretty freeing to go explore the sea together. Even if you just explore a pool together you might be surprised how much fun you have just hanging out and doing something different together.

Pay for a Strangers Groceries

Now this one will make some people exit out of this article. You are thinking um I can bearly afford my own groceries I can’t around buy other people stuff I’ll be more broke than I already am. I’m not saying go buy everyone you see groceries and I’m not even saying do this all the time. Just do it once and see what happens. Before you go into the groceries pray on who you should help and wait until the person is by you. You will know it’s them. Go ahead make their day. It will make your day too!

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Have your own bucket list for couples? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Bucket List For Couples

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