How to do a Brain Dump

So you have been searching the internet high and low for what brain dump really means. Like why would you want to do a brain dump anyways?! Well, it does something to your mind that is so freeing you do this once and you won’t help but need to keep doing it over and over. Ready to learn more? Let’s go.

Brain Dump: How To

So this step will be the most fun. You get out a piece of paper or acute notebook. Then you grab your cup of coffee and a pen. Try to make it a calm place with my soft music playing in the background. Ok, now I’m picturing a coffee shop in my head. This next step is both the easiest and hardest part. You are literally writing down everything that comes to mind until there is no more to write. You can write it in order or you can just write all over the paper or notebook whatever works for you.

What Happens

Once you have written everything down you will have this weight lift off your shoulder because now you don’t have to remember it all. All your brain is on that piece of paper. So now what?? Well, you can tackle each thing until it’s taken care of. You can go to sleep. You can enjoy the rest of your coffee. It’s up to what you should do next.

How Often Do I Do This?

Some people have a notebook right next to their bed and every night right before they go to sleep they just write everything down. Then sleep so much better because no thoughts are running through their mind. Rest assured it on that piece of paper. You can also just do this once a week, month, or year. It’s your brain so you might not need to use it as often as others but a daily practice it good for those that have a hard time shutting off their brain. You only need a few minutes to do it too so that is very helpful.

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How Is This Different Than A To-Do List?

It is very similar. The best way I can describe it is a to-do have an order to it and seems to need things done in a more timely manner. Since this is just you getting everything out of your brain it’s more of a diary/to-do list/love letter. You can write anything from “write my husband a love note” to “don’t be so hard on yourself you are doing a great job. I have done to-do lists before and they end up stressing me out which gets nothing done so brain dump has been super helpful.

Here is the notebook I have been using and LOVE.

Have some more brain dumping tips? Great! Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Brain Dump

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