Best Ways to Start A Healthy Morning Routine

So you are searching the internet looking for a better way to start a Healthy Morning Routine. Keep in mind no matter what you read this is your life. Take the advice but don’t stress yourself out. Do one thing at a time and make it work for you. Don’t change yourself just to do something you think you have to do.

Wake Up With An Alarm Every Morning for a Healthy Morning Routine

So of course, once in a while, it’s ok to just wake up naturally. Let me put it to ya like this we all NEED routine. Ya I know that isn’t everyone’s favorite words. Some people think routines are for weirdos well count me in lol. No, but seriously waking up at the same time every day mentally does something in our brains that get up ready for the day.

Do Oil Pulling

So for best results do this right when you wake up. This will give you the best results to rid your body of any unwanted toxins. Just have some coconut oil with a spoon next to it right in your bathroom so you get in the habit of on your way of going pee your get some coconut oil on your spoon put it in your mouth start swishing it around. Turn on your timer and start getting ready for the day. You can even do this while taking a shower to help pass some time.

Drink a Glass of Water

So you can do this after you have done oil pulling and brushed your teeth. Drinking a glass of water does a few things for ya. It gets everything flowing and moving inside of you. It helps get your dehydrated. It will help get rid of the toothpaste taste so when you go to drink your morning coffee you will just taste the coffee, not the toothpaste.  It’s a great way to wake up your system and get you ready to have a great day.

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Make Breakfast

So this is important even when you don’t have the time or aren’t awake enough to do it. Let’s face it if we don’t a couple things will happen. You will just go through a drive thru and put unwanted junk in your body. Or you will just not eat at all. Coffee is NOT breakfast. Give your body what it needs to give you the best morning ever.

Say Some affirmations

So this has got to be the best part of t the morning! Why? Well because you are beautiful even when you don’t feel like you are, You’re loved even when you don’t feel loveable,  Yo are enough even you feel like you don’t have it all together.


Why do you need this to have a healthy morning routine? Probably the must underused thing we do every day. Why? Because we are busy, and moving fast, and getting everything checked off our checklist. The summers go by then we realize we should have slowed down, smiled, breathed, and enjoy the moment. Guess what? You still can. Put everything you HAVE TO DO aside and go enjoy yourself. Otherwise, you will wake up one day and realize what you didn’t do that was more important than checklists.

Have some healthy morning ideas of your own? Great please leave them in the comments below!

Best Ways to Start A Healthy Morning Routine


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