Best Really Awesome Body Wash For Epic Skin

Best Really Awesome Body Wash For Epic Skin

When it comes to switching over to a cleaner life finding products that both work and have good ingredients for the skin is hard. Not only is it hard it’s time-consuming and no one has time to waste. So after years of trying out way too many body washes, I have found a brand that not only works but their ingredients are amazing.


Best Really Awesome Body Wash For Epic Skin: Few Ingredients

When it comes to finding a good clean product looking at the ingredients is most important. The least amount you can find the better. If you ever pick up a product for your skin or one that you eat and it has a million items listed for ingredients put it back. I have had to put back so many items because of it having a long list. The reason is in the US for a product to be organic it only has to 5% organic ingredients. In most cases that is one ingredient can be organic and the rest can be whatever they want. While I know it’s hard work to make a product totally organic I really focus on the ones that make it there mission to not stop until all ingredient are exactly what they say they are.



So the microbiome of your skin is so important. While I don’t seem to know everything about the microbiome like Kelly at Alevia does. I understand that is one of the most important things you can focus on. We want products that feed our skin good things instead of giving them all the bad things that normal products do.

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Orchid Body Cleanse

Did you know Orchids have a smell?! Me either. I have had two orchid plants in my whole life and I never could smell either one. I was gifted this Orchid Body Cleanse bottle by Alevia which is so sweet but I will totally be buying another one. It is the best smelling body wash I’ve used in a long time. I feel like I walk out of the shower smelling so fresh and so clean clean. lol. If you want a body wash that has a smell like one of bath and body works products but without any of the bad ingredients, this is for sure the one to start with. People are going to be asking you what is that scent and you will be so excited to tell them.

Aleavia Lavender Body Cleanse

Lavender Body Cleanse

Now I’ve bought two of this lavender body cleanse so far and I see no signs of stopping any time soon. It for sure smells like lavender but not too strong of a smell. Once you turn off the water in the shower and dry off the smell is gone. Your skin feels so good though. I have never had smoother skin in my whole life. Love that the whole family can use these products.

Skin Issues

Of course, if you have any skin issues starting a new product can be so scary. You worry if the new product will really do anything for you or make it worse. Plus who wants to spend money just to end up throwing it away. When I started using this body wash I used to get rashes on my legs and I have yet to get one since using this body wash. I’ve been using it since Oct. 2018. To say I love my skin now would be an understatement. You will never find another product like it. This will last you about a month or more. We get one bottle per person in the house and we can make it last to about a month and a half for one person.

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Body Lotion and Oil

I used to have to put on body lotion or oil right when I got out of the shower. Especially in the winter or after I shaved. Since using Aleavia body wash I no longer use it at all. I use some on my feet but not very often. My legs are so soft I sometimes wonder whose legs are these and why are they so soft. lol

To sum this up Aleavia has the best products. Their body wash has only 8 ingredients, it feeds good things to our microbiome, the scents I use of there body wash is orchid and lavender, it helps clean up skin issues, and will help you use less of body lotion and oil.

How are you doing with self-care? I understand it’s hard to do. Check out the article on what happens when you do self-care and schedule it into your life.

Do you have other tips for some really good body wash? Great! Feel free to join our community and get in on the conversation.

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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