Best Organic Coffee Bean

The organic coffee bean. Why must you be so hard to find. I mean you can find coffee anywhere. But a good one that comes from a fair trade place and tastes good. Now that has been hard. So after many lbs of coffee and probably too many cups I found one I can’t stop talking about. Enter into your life Out of the Grey Coffee.

out of the grey coffee

Best Organic Coffee Bean: Sample

So to be honest I reached out to Out of the Grey Coffee. I like that they are all about God and being organic and fair trade coffee bean. Java Jack emailed me back and asked what I like. I answered back thinking well coffee is coffee and said to surprise me. After a few days of trying both of the bags I realized maybe I don’t like every roast out there. I found I like light to medium roasts and I got two dark roasts. Don’t get my wrong they were still amazing they just didn’t wow me like I was looking for. Let’s break down what all I have tried and my thoughts on each.

out of the grey coffee

Rise & Shine Organic Coffee Blend

This one is a light roast so I had to order some light roast after trying a few darks. Two sips in I knew I made the right choice. This blend is smooth but has enough good taste that it makes you excited to wake up in the morning. The review on there website said it’s a great way to start your day and I literally could not agree more!

out of the grey coffee

Amedeo Organic Coffee Blend

Now this one is another light roast one. I do get all my coffee’s in regular whole coffee bean form. I then run the beans through my electric coffee grinder and then brew it with my ninja coffee bar on the rich brew setting. This one has one of the most and best reviews. One person talked about it how it never gets bitter and I literally think that about nails it on the head. I’m pretty sure I have drank way more cups of this each day then I should be lol. Totally worth it.

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out of the grey coffee

Single Origin Neg Mawon Organic Coffee

So this one is my last light roast one I have for ya. Ok, first it supports Haitian coffee-growing families so that is amazing. Second it is low acidity which is good for people that have higher acid bodies. It has oranges, nuts, and semi-sweet chocolate so you really can’t go wrong. I add some coconut milk and munk fruit at times and it’s really amazing.

out of the grey coffee

Milk Chocolate Organic Espresso Beans

Since Java Jack is sweet he gave me some of these and they are amazing. Since they are espresso beans that do have alot of energy in them. So eat just a few at a time and try not to go overboard. I mean I’ve never done that myself or anything lol. They are so good and they would make a perfect gift to the coffee lover in your life.

out of the grey coffee

Single Origin Colombian Medellin Excelso Organic Coffee

This is a medium roast. This one is a little on the heavy side for me but still good. You for sure can taste the chocolate in it. Also it has an AMAZING smell. I do love that all the coffee bean bags are resealable and can be stored in the fridge super easy and without a spill. This one is a great one to try as your first bag of coffee from Out of the Grey coffee.

out of the grey coffee

D’enzo Organic Coffee Blend

This is a dark roast coffee bean. For all the dark roast lovers this one seems to be a hit. It did not taste bad to me I just didn’t get as excited as the others. These guys take great care of everything they make so any roast you like and then buy you will be sure to love. These are 6 of my first products I have tired of theres but are for sure not the last. I can not wait to try more.

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To wrap up first know what coffee bean roast you like which is light, medium, or dark. Once you know what that is go check out out of the grey coffee and enjoy! They really do have some of the best organic and fair trade coffee bean blends around. If you need any help at all Java jack is AMAZING to work with.

Have a favorite coffee roast you love? Great! Feel free to share it in the comments below.

Best Organic Coffee Bean

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