Best Hepa Air Purifier

A good Hepa Air Purifier is a HUGE part of getting your health back on track. Opening the windows is such a great idea well it gets all the unclean air out. Sometimes though opening the windows isn’t doable. So then starts the journey of a good Hepa air purifier. Should it be big? Should it be small? Does every room need one? How do I know if it’s working? Here is everything you need to know and some.

IQAir Atem

Best Hepa Air Purifier: Size

So when it comes to knowing what size to have here is a few things to keep in mind. How will you be needing it? Like will it be in your bedroom where you mostly have it on low all day then on high all night? Will it be on your desk on the highest all day? In the bedroom you can do a small one like the Atem above that sits on your nightstand and blows over your head as you sleep. You can also have this on your desk all day keeping the air in front of you totally clean. The bigger sizes work the best in a big living room kinda setting. The kitchen is good for a big Hepa air purifier as well. Bedrooms with small kids or any human could be useful to have a big air purifier as well.

iQAir AirVisual Pro

Does Every Room Need One

Of course, this depends on the family but I would say as long each bedroom has a Hepa air purifier in it you are fine. I would have the bigger rooms have the bigger ones but they aren’t necessary until your budget allows. Rule of thumb is to for sure have one in the rooms you are in the most. Which would be your bedroom since you sleep in there.

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iQAir AirVisual Pro

How Do I Know My Air Is Clean

A few months ago I was blessed enough to get to test this amazing tool. It’s called the iQAir AirVisual Pro you can use this along with your Hepa Air Purifier to let you know where your ait quality is and how to fix it. So I didn’t see the need to know this until I got this tool. It tells you when to open and close your windows. What it’s like outside. What the time and temp are outside. It’s hooked up to your wifi and keeps you in the loop on what your house is like. To say this has changed my life would an understatement. You can totally tell a difference when you turn off your air purifier and when it’s turned on as well.

IQAir Atem

Best Places To Take Hepa Air Purifier

We have taken our everywhere. On vacation, to the office, and in the car. Probably in the car wasn’t my best idea but hey I had to see if it works so I could tell ya. It works but probably isn’t as recommended as having it in your hotel room or right next to you on your desk. You can get a handy carrying case to go with it. It’s about the easiest thing to put together and take apart so no need to think it’s too much for ya.

iQAir AirVisual Pro

What Is The Best Brand To Get

I have tried a few but nothing seems to work as well as the IQAir brand. So we have the Atem and the AirVisual Pro and very soon we are adding to our collection the HealthPro Plus. They are making our allergies not seem so bad in the house. Also, we have a garage where a lot of cars get worked on. We put the HealthPro Plus in there because there was such an old garage smell and within a few hours with the device on high the smell was totally gone. I seem to get headaches really easily and these products have been a game changer for my health.

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IQAir Atem

Is There An App I Can Use

Yes for the AirVisual Pro has its own app called AirVisual and that is super fun to use when you are away from the device but are wondering about our air quality at home. Also, Atem has it’s own app called Atem. There is a blue light that was always on the Hepa air purifier and it was making it hard to sleep with it next to me. Once I downloaded the app it let me turn off the light. It totally changed how to use the Hepa air purifier.

To wrap up this article about Hepa Air Purifiers keep a few things in mind: know the size of your room and how long you will be in it throughout the day. Choose the best size air purifier for you and your family.  Get a device that helps you know your air quality. Find ones with apps that can go on your phone or tablet.

Do you have things you for in an air purifier? Great! Feel free to share that in the comments below.

Best Hepa Air Purifier

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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