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The Bean Coffee Company The Bean Coffee Company

When it comes to coffee did you know every time you drink a cup of coffee that isn’t organic you are drinking the number one thing that has the most pesticides on it? Gross! Now that you know about pesticides what Organic coffee brand is the best? I have searched high, low, and sometimes what felt like sideways and found The Bean Coffee Company. They have some of the best tasting and wide selection around. It started for me in Dec when I need a Christmas blend and I found them with that exact blend.

Organic Christmas Roast Organic Christmas Roast

The Bean Coffee Company Review: Organic Christmas Blend

So this Organic Christmas Blend was the first one I tried. It has a super smooth taste and could totally drink a whole pot of it every day. It came ground but you can totally get it whole bean as well. These are all micro-roasted which basically means they are hand done in small batched to perfection. Which you can sure tell with how all of them taste. This is a dark roast. Every time I make this it makes me feel like Christmas morning when I was a kid. It’s 100% Arabica coffee. The packaging is top notch and all you need is a tiny metal bag clip and put it in the fridge until you are ready to brew some more. This will be a coffee blend you will order every year in November so you have it for all of December.

Organic El Grano Ricco ~ Costa Rican Classic Organic El Grano Ricco ~ Costa Rican Classic

Organic El Grano Ricco – Costa Rican Classic

Now, this Organic El Grano Ricco ~ Costa Rican Classic is the second one I tried. It for sure is a very smooth blend. This is a medium roast. When I’m feeling a little wild in the morning I’ll push some cinnamon in with coffee grounds. The cinnamon really spices it up and adds the already amazing taste. I made all my coffee in the French press and that really makes the flavor pop. One day my regular coffee maker broke. I started using my french press that day and have never looked back. So glad I had it to use with this coffee.

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Organic Aloha Bean ~ Hawaiian Hazelnut Organic Aloha Bean ~ Hawaiian Hazelnut

Organic Aloha Bean – Hawaiian Hazelnut

Of course, I had to save the best for last. This is the Organic Aloha Bean ~ Hawaiian Hazelnut it will change your life. This is a medium roast coffee. If you like hazelnut it will for sure be a must get on your next coffee order. I have never been to Hawaii and hope to go someday. When we do go I might have to bring a bag with me just in case I don’t like what they have there. When I drink this I feel like I’m on a porch overlooking the water reading a good book with a pot of this sitting next to me. I also imagine the pot of coffee is never-ending. Not sure how that will work out though lol.

They have also been so kind as to give you guys a 20% off discount on all their coffee. Use code: lizzieann20 at check out to save.

So to sum this up these hand done small batch made products are literally the best you can find. The ones featured here are the Organic Christmas Blend, Organic El Grano Ricco – Costa Rican Classic, and the Organic Aloha Bean – Hawaiian Hazelnut. Everything they make is 100% Arabica. Use a tiny metal bag clip to close the bags up and store them in the bottom drawer of your fridge.

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The Bean Coffee Company Review

Ps. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going so know that I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. The price does NOT go up for you because of this.

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